Conflict between pets, renting or unit living

The following quote on our Petition highlighted an ongoing problem – the current conflict between pets, renting or unit living. In the current ecomonic climate the fall-out from this is only likely to get worse. People who really want a pet will buy from Pet Shops to bi-pass the Shelter documentation and keep their pet “illegally”. If they are found out, they may have to unwillingly surrender their pet to the pound, with the obvious consequences…

“My Partner and I bought my little Precious Angel from the Pet shop. We didn’t have a choice. I really wanted to adopt a pet from the Shelter before I got my precious one, but we live in a Unit and we couldn’t ask our Landlord to sign the permit form the Shelter needed prior to adoption. For this reason I went to the pet shop one day with my partner. I saw this little kitten with angelic face, that’s why we picked her and I’m glad that we picked her. She’s my little angel and I can’t live without her! After reading the article about those unwanted animals in the shelters, I was in tears and it breaks my heart watching the video. I do believe in the rights of every animal – their right to live and have a good life! ”

1) If you rent, whether a house or unit, most Tenancy Agreements do not allow pets
2) If you live in a unit, whether you own or rent, most Body Corporate rules do not allow pets

It is also amazing how many people do not realise that surrendering your pet to a Pound almost always means the death of your pet….

“I sent a dog to the pound because I had a newborn baby and I couldn’t handle both, I thought the dog would be fine and go to a new home, but she got put down… this shouldn’t happen”.

“I gave my dog to the Pound because he bit someone. I felt so sad & immediately regretted the decision, but didn’t call the Pound until the next day and it was already too late – he was dead. I honestly thought I’d just have to pay a hundred dollars or so to get him out. They euthanised him at 4 a.m. I hate myself & feel such guilt. If only I’d been more responsible & always had him on a leash, he’d be sitting here right now. He was only 9 months old and just needed training.”


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