Have you ever wondered what happens to Greyhounds?

snv32357Approximately 20,000 Greyhounds are bred for racing in Australia every year.  Unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of Greyhounds are destroyed each year for no other reason than they become surplus to racing industry requirements. Many Greyhounds are killed before they reach 2 years of age if they do not show enough speed or potential, or by age 3-4 when they are retired or no longer able to race due to injury. 

For Greyhounds, it literally is…..    THE QUICK,…. OR THE DEAD
Greyhounds are friendly, gentle dogs that love human companionship – they are sociable, tolerant and affectionate and make wonderful family pets and companions. 

Greyhounds find themselves at the mercy of this betting industry.  It is amazing to think that a breed of one of the world’s most favoured species of companion animal is exploited and destroyed in such vast numbers for this profit-driven “sport” and, incredibly, the sake of gambling. 

Please consider adopting a Greyhound. For more information contact:
Friends of the Hound Greyhound Adoption Group
(02) 6677 9115 / 0416 194 864
email: friendsofthehound@linknet.com.au

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