Greyhound Racing Ban in USA

Massachusetts voters embraced a ballot question to end greyhound racing in the state, rejecting track owners’ arguments that the ban would cost jobs at a time of economic hardship in favour of protecting dogs from harm. The ballot question proposed to phase out racing by 2010, leaving workers time to find alternative jobs.

The contentious ballot question was passed amid emotional ad campaigns by both sides. The Committee to Protect Dogs argued that racing dogs are treated inhumanely — kept in cages for most of the day and often injured when they are forced to run for sport. The campaign relied upon data kept by the State Racing Commission since mid-2002 showing injuries to more than 800 greyhounds.

“We’re optimistic that this will, in fact, be the year of the greyhound” said Christine Dorchak, the co-chair of the committee.

DRP: What do you know about the Greyhound racing industry? Do you know what happens to many of these lovely animals once their racing “careers” are over?

We’ll be featuring more news on this industry down the track, but if you have any inside information, please let us know.