Puppy Farmers have to Ham it up themselves: our puppy mill warrior, Debra Tranter wins court case with ACA Kennels……….

Debra told us the following after she had won the trial:

ACA breeders apparently lied in the witness stand and the judge made the comment “they were not credible witnesses”. ACA breeders and their supporters were extremely aggressive and intimidating throughout the two days, following me to the car, the bathroom etc and abusing me.

“The ACA puppy farm court case lasted two days, after I gave my evidence today police withdrew all 4 charges and now have to pay my legal bill. 

 The look on their faces at the outcome was priceless. More detail……. 

Court case 1 ACA puppy farm
5 charges – assault with a weapon-motor vehicle, causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving, reckless driving causing injury, trespass. If proven guilty would be facing 6-12 months jail. 

The charges related to April 2008 when I entered ACA puppy farm to film the dogs, I spent two hours on the property filming the dogs and their living conditions. I left the property and had driven twenty minutes down the road and saw headlights on the horizon. It was obvious the car had veered onto my side of the road and was coming straight for me. I had no choice but to stop my car. Two men jumped out of the car (Colin and Mathew Hams, owners of the puppy farm) they accused me of stealing property and demanded I get out so they could search my car. 

DeathRowPets poster

Colin started to abuse me and threaten me, it became very heated. I could not get phone reception as I was trying to dial 000. I advised them I would follow them to the police station and let the police handle it. 

They were extremely aggressive and the situation was becoming volatile: I attempted to leave. As my car started to move, Mathew jumped up and sat on my bonnet. 

I told him I was now phoning the police; with that he lay on the ground and told Colin that I had just tried to kill him and to call an ambulance. After a while I had no choice but to get out of the car and try and get phone reception so I could call 000. Colin then grabbed me around the throat and assaulted me. 

I managed to get away on foot and phoned the police. When the police arrived Mathew told them his ribs were broken and that I had tried to run him over. They called an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. I gave a no comment knowing that the police also owned a puppy farm and I was not particularly their most popular person. So I was charged and spent the night in lock up and was bailed the next morning. 

After a harrowing two days in court listening to Mathew and Colin lie I was able to finally give my evidence. There was no damage to my car, hospital records stated there were no injuries to Mathew, the judge directed the police to dismiss the charges and found that the Hams ‘were not credible witnesses’ and that on the other hand Debra Tranter is a ‘very composed, credible witness’. 

I pleaded guilty to trespass and was fined $1000 with NO CONVICTION and given a two year good behaviour bond. 

The Hams and their supporters were extremely threatening and intimidating in and outside of court for the two days, they followed me to my car abusing me, followed me to the bathroom, attempted to hip and shoulder me when they walked past me. 

The judge had to tell them to be quiet in court numerous times or they would be removed. I did not make eye contact with them for two days, so after I won I took great pleasure at looking at them all straight in the eye with a huge grin from ear to ear.
Case 2 ACA puppy farm
Mathew Hams had taken an intervention order out on me claiming that I was stalking him and that he feared for his life. After I won the first case Mathew withdrew the intervention order.
Case 3 Charlton puppy farm
Charlton puppy farm supplier to pets paradise- January 2008 -theft, burglary; 22 dogs and 17 cats rescued from cages – charges withdrawn. New charge laid – handling stolen property. I have to donate $200 to Bendigo RSPCA, be of good behaviour until April 09. 

Wrote a letter of gratitude to police for dropping other charges.

Action you can take

Just a suggestion – you could send a polite note to the Hams congratulating them of their loss………. we did.

Colin and Mathew Hams aca_bk@bigpond.net.au 

DRP comment:   what a warrior!

What are your thoughts on what Debra has uncovered and endured? 

To read about this important case, brought about by ACA Kennels after Debra’s expose of their operation, read here….. You will be amazed!


Who is pulling the strings here?

This week the team at ‘fix nsw animal policy’
(www.fixnswanimalpolicy.com) received a formal notification from three welfare groups requesting that they remove their name and link from the ‘fix nsw animal policy’ website.

The page these organisations were cited on was the rescue page directing people to rescue groups for animals.

RSPCA NSW, AWL NSW and NAR (NSW Animal Rescue) simultaneously sent their request with almost identical text.

The questions need to be asked:

  1. Why don’t they want their names on a website trying hard to create positive change in  NSW animal welfare?
  2. Who has influenced them to issue this directive, or how did it come about? Coincidence?
  3. What reasons are there for disassociating themselves from a group trying hard to stop the flow of animals into pounds and shelters?

These questions demand an answer.

If you want to ask these questions yourself:

*NAR is a member of PIAA and its patron is Steve Austin (President of PIAA).

DRP comment: Very strange. So, who is pulling the strings here?Tell us what you think might be behind this? Coincidence?

RSPCA Queensland tries new approach to increase rehoming for cats and dogs

Courier News: “THE Queensland branch of the RSPCA has broken ranks with the organisation interstate by selling refuge animals in commercial pet shops.

Cats and dogs from RSPCA shelters go on sale today at Petbarn in Lawnton, just north of Brisbane, and the RSPCA’s World for Pets Superstore at Springwood in Logan City, south of Brisbane.

If the trial is successful, other Petbarns and pet shops across the state will be offered RSPCA animals…..”


DRP comment: the article speaks about the RSPCA ‘selling’ animals, but we consider this an innacurate label to a trial designed to rehome more rescued animals AND replace traditional pet shop sourced puppies and kittens. RSPCA Queensland CEO Mark Townend told us:

I picked 4 pet shops that I were believed were “good” examples of pet shops and then sent our Scientific Officer out to inspect the premises with an extensive checklist. The pet shop owners were aware of why we were doing the Inspection and were very open to us.  At this point we started with just one of those pet shops.

I really believe it can make a differences by getting undesexed animals from unknown sources out of petshops and replace them with desexed RSPCA animals that need a home.

This has been done completely independently of PIAA.”

We say: “Well done RSPCA Queensland”

Tell us what you think! We’re interested in your views!

This is how dog breeders and pet shops are being duped….

DogsNSW and the ASAVA (Australian Small Animals Veterinary Association) have sided with PIAA (Pet Industry Association Australia) in saying no to the proposed Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2009. In November last year, a joint letter , Page 1 & Page 2 (PIAA, DogsNSW and ASAVA ) went out to every Minister in NSW.

It is clear that PIAA’s strategy is to scaremonger pet shops and dog breeders into believing that the proposed Bill is an artifact designed to remove the rights of people to own pets and to remove the rights from dog breeders. PIAA have publically, through Pet Industry News accused the proponents of the Bill as being puppets of PETA.

In turn, the President of DogsNSW, Frank Pieterse has issued a proclamation that the Bill is no more than a device to remove Breeders’ rights. We were told by one breeder:” they (PIAA) managed to convince the management of DogsNSW that it was only the beginning of a much grander plan – one to limit registered breeders as well.”

We have sent letters :

refuting these allegations and pointing out the obvious strategy of PIAA to undermine efforts to create meaningful change to the NSW pet industry. An industry that kills over 60,000 healthy cats and dogs a year in NSW Pounds. An industry of which all three of these associations are contributors. The situation is likely no different in other States of Australia.

Finally, here is a message sent to Breeders by ‘fix nsw animal policy’:

 “The President of DOGS NSW, has sent a letter to all members. This has claimed that the Animal (Regulation of Sale) bill aims to set up “Confinement, transport and Welfare” restrictions for Breeders. (PS, these standards already exist under POCTA and DPI acts)
DOGS NSW then went on to state that these could include:
• Breed Specific Laws, eg, ban breeding of Brachycephlic dogs, large dogs, small dogs, short legged dogs, dogs with loose skin, etc. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Limit the numbers of dogs that you can own or breed. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Restrictive conditions on breeding and ownership of dogs. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Restriction of Dog Shows. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Ongoing responsibility if you sell a dog that subsequently becomes ill. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Product liability for the life of a dog that you sell. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)
• Phase out your rights to own, breed and show dogs. (this is not mentioned in the bill at all)

No-where in the Bill are any of these items listed. They made it up. Please read the bill and try to find them. Read more………

DRP: What do you think about these 3 organisations jointly approaching the government? What do you think about PIAA’s “this is the thin edge of the wedge” scaremongering ?

Pet Industry blocks suburban animal rescue centres

For  Immediate Release – Sydney, January 18th 2009      From: CatRescue NSW

Pet Industry blocks suburban animal rescue centres-
“Industry claims community rescue centres will impact pet shop profits”

Sydney NSW. The NSW Pet Industry has knocked back a proposed idea to allow council and community groups to set up small suburban rehoming centres for abandoned animals as they see it would compete with the profits of Pet Industry members, says CatRescue, the group who have pitched the idea.

The program, which is part of a 10 point plan proposed by CatRescue to help address Pet Overpopulation, came about after reviewing similar successful programs in other parts of Australia and around the world.

“The problem is that council pounds are located literally miles away from the general public, in the bush. They are open very odd hours and aren’t exactly good rehoming. Whilst you are interviewing a potential new home, three more people are waiting in a queue behind you to dump their poor sick animals”

“Our proposal is to use some of the Companion Animal Fund, the money that is set aside to reduce the problems of animal overpopulation, and work with council to set up suburban rehousing stations, that way we can have better access to people. Similarly, community groups will get onboard and assist in driving people, information and support to the rehousing station”

“They wouldn’t compete with Pet Shops as all we do is find new homes for animals, in fact, any smart pet shop owner would partner with the program and get the flow on product revenues”

But PIAA’s newsletter, “Pet News” has come out in angry opposition, claiming the idea is part of a socialist policy driven by PETA aimed at “destroying private industry and replacing it with government run stores “. “The Australian puppets of PETA should decide what their ultimate intention is” it said in it’s Jan 14th publication

“I don’t know what they are on about” said CatRescue. “We wouldn’t know a PETA person if they walked up in the street and bit us, all we want to do is find homes for thousands of dumped animals, no conspiracies, just getting the job done”

CatRescue and a number of other members of the Community program are pursuing the program nonetheless, with the first proposed rehousing station likely to open early this year.

More information contact Derek Knox or Kelly Lachman at CatRescue