Puppy Farmers have to Ham it up themselves: our puppy mill warrior, Debra Tranter wins court case with ACA Kennels……….

Debra told us the following after she had won the trial:

ACA breeders apparently lied in the witness stand and the judge made the comment “they were not credible witnesses”. ACA breeders and their supporters were extremely aggressive and intimidating throughout the two days, following me to the car, the bathroom etc and abusing me.

“The ACA puppy farm court case lasted two days, after I gave my evidence today police withdrew all 4 charges and now have to pay my legal bill. 

 The look on their faces at the outcome was priceless. More detail……. 

Court case 1 ACA puppy farm
5 charges – assault with a weapon-motor vehicle, causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving, reckless driving causing injury, trespass. If proven guilty would be facing 6-12 months jail. 

The charges related to April 2008 when I entered ACA puppy farm to film the dogs, I spent two hours on the property filming the dogs and their living conditions. I left the property and had driven twenty minutes down the road and saw headlights on the horizon. It was obvious the car had veered onto my side of the road and was coming straight for me. I had no choice but to stop my car. Two men jumped out of the car (Colin and Mathew Hams, owners of the puppy farm) they accused me of stealing property and demanded I get out so they could search my car. 

DeathRowPets poster

Colin started to abuse me and threaten me, it became very heated. I could not get phone reception as I was trying to dial 000. I advised them I would follow them to the police station and let the police handle it. 

They were extremely aggressive and the situation was becoming volatile: I attempted to leave. As my car started to move, Mathew jumped up and sat on my bonnet. 

I told him I was now phoning the police; with that he lay on the ground and told Colin that I had just tried to kill him and to call an ambulance. After a while I had no choice but to get out of the car and try and get phone reception so I could call 000. Colin then grabbed me around the throat and assaulted me. 

I managed to get away on foot and phoned the police. When the police arrived Mathew told them his ribs were broken and that I had tried to run him over. They called an ambulance and he was taken to hospital. I gave a no comment knowing that the police also owned a puppy farm and I was not particularly their most popular person. So I was charged and spent the night in lock up and was bailed the next morning. 

After a harrowing two days in court listening to Mathew and Colin lie I was able to finally give my evidence. There was no damage to my car, hospital records stated there were no injuries to Mathew, the judge directed the police to dismiss the charges and found that the Hams ‘were not credible witnesses’ and that on the other hand Debra Tranter is a ‘very composed, credible witness’. 

I pleaded guilty to trespass and was fined $1000 with NO CONVICTION and given a two year good behaviour bond. 

The Hams and their supporters were extremely threatening and intimidating in and outside of court for the two days, they followed me to my car abusing me, followed me to the bathroom, attempted to hip and shoulder me when they walked past me. 

The judge had to tell them to be quiet in court numerous times or they would be removed. I did not make eye contact with them for two days, so after I won I took great pleasure at looking at them all straight in the eye with a huge grin from ear to ear.
Case 2 ACA puppy farm
Mathew Hams had taken an intervention order out on me claiming that I was stalking him and that he feared for his life. After I won the first case Mathew withdrew the intervention order.
Case 3 Charlton puppy farm
Charlton puppy farm supplier to pets paradise- January 2008 -theft, burglary; 22 dogs and 17 cats rescued from cages – charges withdrawn. New charge laid – handling stolen property. I have to donate $200 to Bendigo RSPCA, be of good behaviour until April 09. 

Wrote a letter of gratitude to police for dropping other charges.

Action you can take

Just a suggestion – you could send a polite note to the Hams congratulating them of their loss………. we did.

Colin and Mathew Hams aca_bk@bigpond.net.au 

DRP comment:   what a warrior!

What are your thoughts on what Debra has uncovered and endured? 

To read about this important case, brought about by ACA Kennels after Debra’s expose of their operation, read here….. You will be amazed!


22 thoughts on “Puppy Farmers have to Ham it up themselves: our puppy mill warrior, Debra Tranter wins court case with ACA Kennels……….

  1. kristen February 11, 2009 / 1:19 pm

    The police own a puppy farm?!

  2. Susan Webster February 12, 2009 / 11:05 pm

    Congratulations Debra! You (and your helpers) are just amazing! I am soo full of admiration for you Debra – you have had to endure so much at the hands of these thugs (the Hams), as well as the puppy farming police! I am amazed that you weren’t actually killed in the process of exposing these SCUMBAGS! I repeat, you are amazing!

    I too, am very passionate about ridding Australia of puppy and kitten farmers. There is actually a kitten farm, operating under the guise of a cat hotel, near me, in Dural, NSW. Somehow, I want to save the beautiful cats inside, stop this operation, and have the operator, who is (unbelievably), a school principal, charged with animal cruelty. Maybe I could get advice about this, from Debra?!

    Susan W

  3. deathrowpets February 14, 2009 / 5:07 pm

    Debra told us the following:
    “The local police officer and his wife (FD) own a puppy farm in Sale. I will give you their website in a minute when I go back and look it up.
    Local residents took them to VCAT to try and stop the puppy farm expanding (they lost).
    When I was in lock up this seemd to be the only thing police were interested in ie: Did I know about the XXX farm, did I plan on going there etc. They then made my bail conditions not to enter any PF in the Shire of Wellington as a way of ensuring their collegues PF was safe from a terrible criminal such as I.

    The next morning I recieved an email from FD (policemans wife) stating “the Victorian Police inform me you are interested in my PF” bla bla bla ”

    So Kristen – yes, a policeman owns a PF (Puppy Farm) – vets do, politicians do ( we are told)….. so why shouldn’t a policeman??

  4. cherry @ cat sterilisation Society/WA May 29, 2009 / 8:18 pm

    Do these puppy farrm and kitten farms have to have abusiness liscense? If so what conditions do councils put on them for disposal of waste, traffic movement etc.
    Most of the pet shops in WA seem to source their puppies from interstate but I would not like to see the pet shops closed as many of them refer people to us for kittens and low cost sterilisation. They rarely seem to have any kittens but moggies and many kittens are left on their doorstep if they say they are full and refuse selfish irresponsible people who allow their cats to have kittens. Mandurah Forum pet shop could be a problem as he seems to encourage people to bree. Too far away for me to check out

  5. caz May 31, 2009 / 2:32 am

    These activists are nothing more that low life scum. they think they can break into peoples places go through their homes…of course when no one home and always in the cover of darkness, take what they like. when they are arrested plead guilty, get a diversion order so there will not be a charge against them, get a slap on the wrist and reasdy to go and do more breaking ins and stealing….ooops rescuing!!!!! Pity they wouldnt get their facts right instead of going off on heresay

  6. Sarah June 15, 2009 / 10:25 pm

    I could not agree more with ‘caz’ people have no right to break into others proterties in an attempt to ruin others businesses. If you dont think the puppies are being treated right – tell the RSPCA, they have strict guidlines and if its good enough for them it should be for you. these dogs are happy. They lead a good life. I understand some places don’t treat animals as they should… so maybe your attention to them.

  7. Debra Tranter June 17, 2009 / 12:17 am

    “Caz” is actually a puppy farmer from central Victoria who treats her dogs and cats as breeding machines to supply Pets Paradise. 22 dogs and 17 cats were rescued from what I can only describe as living hell for her animals. One dog was not able to be rescued as it had died giving birth and remained in the cage with other dogs and her dead puppies. The judge recommended a diversion order during my court case as he understood what I was trying to do and was horrified at the conditions these animals were forced to endure, that is why “Caz” is so pissed off :) and she will probably write another comment denying that she is in fact a puppy farmer, she emails me daily. Sarah the RSPCA cannot act as puppy farmers in Victoria operate under weak legislation that only local Councils can enforce, Councils fail to enforce the law as they simply do not have the resources or the expertise. The RSPCA are simply powerless when it comes to animal businesses that operate under codes of practice. That is why I walk in and take photos and video footage to help expose this injustice. And yes if there are dogs in need of veterinary care I will take them and proudly stand up in court and say so. I feel absolutely justified in all that I do. I will never ever turn my back on these dogs and will continue to “trespass” in order to raise public awareness and seek justice for the thousands of dogs that spend their life as nothing more than breeding machines for dog pimps.As long as dogs are suffering I HAVE EVERY RIGHT to walk onto these properties and expose them for what they truly are. I ask who is the criminal here, the person who puts the dog in the cage or the person who gets the dogs out of the cage.

  8. Julie-Anne July 1, 2009 / 5:04 pm

    Debra you are a brave person risking your life to safe the poor animals from extreme cases of cruelty. The extremity that the ACA puppy farmers went too just amazes me, especially when one of them grabbed you around the throat and assaulted you. Also, the way the Hams and their supporters were extremely threatening and intimidating to you during the court trial, says it all. If so much bullying was displayed to Debra Tranter, what were ACA breeders hiding? No doubt, Debra Tranter was persistent and brave enough to stand up to ACA. Well done on winning this case.

  9. Jade September 5, 2009 / 1:16 am

    Debra is someone who we all should follow in her footsteps. These people dont give a damn about the animals they only care about money. Do you honestly believe puppy farming is ok? How about we lock u up in a cage for a a day or how about a week and see how long u last… u would end up killing ureself but these poor things cant even do that. they have to wait and hope that someone like Debra gets to them before its too late… I think that caz needs to be taught a good lesson…. im sick and tired of hearing lies and im sick and tired of people like you hurting animals. U deserve nothing but the worst!!!

  10. MAGGIE October 30, 2010 / 11:25 am

    If they treated Debra like that…. can you imagine how they treat their animals?
    They need to be put down… NOT HUMANELY either!

  11. tt February 17, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    I’m sorry but i agree you do good in taking neglected animals and willing to fight for them however what about the healthy animals you steal from people and go and sell for $300 or something dollars. Vets bills are paid by donations at a certain animal shelter in Victoria. Don’t get me wrong i think it is good you stick up for neglected animals and willing to go to court for it but i know for a fact you target people who look after there animals only so you can get a good name for yourself. I have made complaints to RSPCA a number of times about neglected animals and have been very satisfied with the way they handled it. Sure they cant tell someone how to run there business but the can seize a neglected animal. ACA care for there animals. They breed sure but they dont breed and breed and breed like you claim. I know for a fact your team lies to cover there tracks when your in the wrong. You run a man over and get away with it.. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. If your not happy call the RSPCA you are not above the law. Just because someone has a number of dogs does not make them a puppy farmer. You stole a rescued dog from someone i know. The dog was a neglected ex breeding dog and you accused the man of neglecting her. Get your facts straight. Karma is the beauty of this. Stick to neglected dogs! Not healthy loved dogs. If you think there is a minor problem call the RSPCA or consult with the owner instead of taking the law into your hands and taking credit for yourslef due to lies. As i said i think you do good in helping but leave the the healthy ones alone. Ever stop and think the stress you are putting these loved HEALTHY dogs through.

  12. Veronica August 25, 2011 / 1:19 am

    To tt Debra has videos, witness’s and abused sick dogs to substantiate her actions. Anyone who does not support her wholeheartedly is either a puppy farmer, backyard breeder or is somehow associated with this disgusting industry. If Debra rescues a dog, then it needs rescuing.

  13. Ashlea January 7, 2012 / 9:16 am

    tt are you serious? One simple example of an issue with ACA: They sell Cavadors. Cavaliers cross Labradors. Have you seen the difference in size between those two breeds? No ethical breeder.. No ethical HUMAN BEING.. would breed them.

  14. Barb Kent February 10, 2012 / 7:43 pm

    Hi Debbie Tranter
    I just watched stateliness and am stunned.

    Please feel free to contact me for assistance with your effort


  15. angela February 11, 2012 / 1:16 pm

    Deb, you are a hero. Unfortunately it will take more of the same activism over many years to turn around our laws and our cultural values when it comes to animal welfare. But eam heartened that thre are more people choosng to get involved and the mediia is reporting due to increased public interest and condemnation. One day, such outrages aganst animals will be properly policed, prosecuted and penalised. But please don’t forget to look after yourself.

    The thugs that post on this site are afraid for reason-the tide is turning aganst their evil, selfish practices.

  16. . May 11, 2012 / 10:34 am

    God, some people disgust me, “Caz” and “tt” how can you say that stuff?! What Debra does is so amazing and she does it because she cares about animals, something that you obviously don’t.

    “they think they can break into peoples places go through their homes”
    No one ever said they went through their homes, they were filming footage of the puppy farm, not the inside of their homes. You are the one not getting you facts right, not them.

    And “tt” you contradict yourself so much. To say, “i agree you do good in taking neglected animals and willing to fight for them” but going on to say all the crap that you did, WTF?

    She never hit a man with her car! He was lying! You can see in the report where it says there was no evidence of that happening, he had no injuries!!! Learn to read the facts before saying stuff like that!

    And “you steal from people and go and sell for $300 or something dollars” where is there any evidence that she does that? She rescues the animals. People like you….

    Debra is an amazing person fighting for the rights of animals and should not have this much difficulty, some people are heartless.

  17. avelone May 19, 2012 / 12:39 am

    I wouldn’t say we were heartless, just educated. Some through psychological traumas in their childhood have a need of adoration and attention, to glean a very large following which give her that adoration she would thrive on. It is still wrong to break the law and trespass on someone else’s property or to try and ruin other businesses to help encourage other business concerns. Yes i have seen other’s lie to support her cause. She would have you all believing that none of us love and care for our own dogs, unless you all were buying cheap dogs from pounds then selling them as rescue dogs at much higher prices. It’s giving way for people to believe they are rescuing dogs off the street that are loved and well taken care of, they can keep or sell under the guise of rescuing. Or supporting the growing businesses of petfood chain stores that don’t sell pets. You cannot nurture children in a petfood shop or teach them on the large range of pets. If only she would place that dedication towards a profession in life such as Nursing or becoming a Veterinarian and saving the lives of animals or humans without trying to make herself adored and be in the limelight to work against an organisation that’s been going for many many years.

  18. avelone May 19, 2012 / 3:42 am

    Debra Tranter, extreme animal activist of Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) who freely admitted to me on the ‘phone that it is their ultimate goal to have laws brought in to make it illegal for ANYONE to breed dogs and that all domesticated dogs should be desexed and (in Debra’s own words) “returned to the wild where they belong” This pack of ravening wolves will stop at NOTHING to discredit me and Rutland Manor. And Debra Tranter’s night time raid and night time videos with sad music, are intended to make people believe that Rutland Manor dogs LIVED in the inside kennels that Council regulations made us put the dogs in during NIGHT time hours ONLY while we were in a holding pattern caused by EPA restrictions and Council edicts.

    The fact that the dogs and puppies have always spent daylight hours playing in grassy sheltered paddocks around and in my home, and that I have employed a wonderful lady for eight years, to walk and play with every dog every day when I have been too ill to do it myself, is conveniently ignored. “

  19. Stop the lies! May 21, 2012 / 4:06 pm

    Avelone (or Beverley as you are known) you are going around in circles here and nothing said is constructive. You have been offered opportunities of support behind the scens to end the overbreading of your dogs and have them vet cared and rehomed. What about your daughter Beverley? What about Oscar, can you explain his condition when first found in a dark smelly barn, all matted and frightened? Did little Oscar (Chi) spend his days in daylight, playing in grassy sheltered paddocks around the elaborate mansion, as you suggest your dogs do? Like mother like daughter hey! Once again stooping to more lies and lies. Let go Beverely, give the dogs a break and move on. Perhaps go visit the deathrow pounds like so many dedicated animal rescuers do, not to purchase an undesexed dog to breed like you have known to do, but to see what damage so many backyarders and puppy farmers have done to all these pleading souls, seeking love and attention they may have not known. You have a chance to let go of your greed Beverley and help is there!

  20. doglover November 27, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    i have known about D T for sometime now… mention a name and well..
    If you ever enter my property as you seem to do unlawfully and illlegally to attain/rescue my so called neglected dogs and one bites you..its called Karma!
    why dont you go rescue dogs from pounds on deathrow..???
    because theres cameras to see you breaking in..stealing dogs/cats and ransacking a property for your own selfish gain.. you do afterall sell on the stolen animals??
    I bloody hope ur desexed…and microchipped…u need to be watched u psycho~!

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