Designer pup going cheap…….

Email forwarded to us, Feb 11 2009

Subject: Very Cute Designer Dog Puppy Going Really Cheap, February 2009

Guys, apologies to everyone  for sending a general email like this, but it’s a matter of life and death.

 There’s a little guy called “Frankie” who’s at the Dee Why Pet Shop. My eldest daughter has puppy-sat him a couple of weekends.

And Frankie, who’s been in the pet shop for a couple of months is on his last legs – if he’s not sold this week he goes to the pound – and we all know what that’s likely to mean. Read more here….

DRP Comment: the pet shop industry are fond of telling us just how well they take care of their animals. So what exactly happens to the ones they can’t sell? What would you like to say to Frankie?

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