“It’s not us, it’s someone else…….leave us alone….!

In many years in Europe there is a glut of tomatoes on the market and thousands of tonnes are dumped into landfill. Can you imagine if some of the farmers ran around trying to prove that it isn’t their tomatoes, but someone elses that are dumped??

Witness this message from “Freedom Kennels” to one of our readers, and our reply below ( And no, we didn’t get a reply):

From Freedom Kennels to Deborah W, December 4 , 2008

 “Afternoon,  we get a lot of emails like yours and that’s fine  – freedom of speech etc. But speech without knowledge is a sad state of affairs and as with all the other people we hear form i will offer to pay your airfare to come and visit perhaps you will be the first to do so. We don’t sell our retired dogs we desex them and find them good homes while they are young enough to enjoy a long family life. Usually they go to families that have offspring. Having had many death threats this week I am so over the mentality of some so called lovers of animals. Perhaps instead of being driven by pedigree breeders with a vested interest in putting us out of business, someone should look into their breeding practices as I have seen some rather horrible conditions when i have bought dogs to breed with.

Valda Geeves, Freedom Kennels.”

DRP reply:

“Good morning Valda

I am sorry that you are getting death threat messages – that is not anything we endorse.

 But it does show how deeply some people feel about the pet overpopulation problem and the contribution created by pet shops, back yard breeders and “mass-production” breeders such as yourselves.

 We work towards removing the causes of the over-population problem which means death for many thousands of healthy animals, probably some of yours as well.

 It is good that you desex your ‘retired dogs’ – that is responsible.  It’s the huge number of un-desexed dogs that you , and other similar kennel operations put into the market that are the problem however.

 You may be unaware that in NSW alone we manage to kill around 60,000 healthy cats and dogs a year?; across Australia the number is around a quarter of a million. It’s a disgrace.

 You would understand that it is a supply and demand issue – the demand is not there to meet the supply from operations like yours and the pet shops and internet marketing operations you serve.

In your note, you seek to deflect attention from yourselves onto the bad conditions of some of the pedigree breeders. There are some shocking situations out there, and make no mistake, we will deal with them as well.

 But my colleague’s message was about YOUR operation, so let’s stay focused on that.

 Valda, can you explain why you think every vested interest in this supply chain says: “It’s not us, it’s someone else”. The registered pedigree breeders say “It’s not us – its someone else”. The Pet shops say “It’s not us – its someone else”. And now you have joined them – ‘It’s not us!”

 I see you are offering people the opportunity to come and visit you? No doubt they would see a well run operation that satisfies the 5 basic freedoms for dogs.

 And so you should; public opinion and pressure have forced mass breeding operators to sharpen their act to the benefit of the animals. That is good.

 But the point of contacting you is not about how well you look after your animals – it’s what happens to them after they leave you.

 How many dogs do you  sell into the market? In Australia? Overseas? And do you know what happens to them after they have left you? I’ll bet you have no idea.

 How many of your dogs end up in deathrow in some pound after they have been dumped? ( I know,…… “It’s not us, it’s the pet shops who sell them to the public that should take responsibility for them, or the owners”)

Valda, let’s do a deal  – I’ll visit your operation at Freedom ( – pay my own way even!). Your side of the deal is to spend a half day at Doggy Rescue in Sydney helping to rehome some of the 40 or 50 dogs you’ll find there ( all saved by Rescue from Pounds) and then to join me at one of the pounds where we’ll organise for you to help out whilst they euthenase a half dozen healthy dogs that no one wants.

 Here is a recent picture from Doggy Rescue: Any of these yours Valda? Anyway, let me know what you think of our little deal.

 Whether you accept or not, please be comforted in the knowledge that someone else is out there clearing up the mess created by the mass breeders, backyard breeders, indiscriminate breeders and pet shops: the tax payer, the rescue workers and pound volunteers, and the euthanasia technicians and vets who do the killing.

 Yours sincerely, Deathrowpets”

 DRP comment:

Of course we never got a reply. We learnt recently that the marketing manager of Dogs NSW is enaged in a mission to ask pounds how many dogs they get that are purebreeds – we can only anticipate that it’s in an effort to be able to say “No, its not us, ……it’s someone else……”

Anyone ( that is Anyone) who breeds, or sells or markets on behalf of a breeder or seller must accept that they are part of the suppy chain in companion animals. They cannot deny that. Currently there exists an imbalance – there are too many animals for too few homes. Too many are bred – not enough homes. The main “supply side” organised groups ie PIAA, Dogs NSW, (supported byVeterinary Association of NSW and NSW Depratment of Prinmary Industries) , all say “It’s not us….”. They all complain about the Bill, complain about the call for the inquiry, but have done NOTHING we can see to sort  out the imbalance. Why is that?

What are your thoughts on this subject – their efforts to out the blame on “someone else?

16 thoughts on ““It’s not us, it’s someone else…….leave us alone….!

  1. Karen March 22, 2009 / 5:51 pm

    Good Letter.

  2. KEiran March 23, 2009 / 10:37 am

    I agree good letter! Good to see that you guys are fighting the problem holistically…

  3. Tracey March 23, 2009 / 12:33 pm

    GREAT letter! Very well said. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jewels March 23, 2009 / 12:36 pm

    I have seen their “retired dogs” & let me tell you that they lack social skills, are extremely timid & fear Humans, WHY is this you ask? Because they have been kept locked up in a pen & bred non stop.

    At one stage they had up to 300 puppies available, how on earth can they provide what each of those puppies need.

  5. GreyhoundFan March 23, 2009 / 12:56 pm

    Articulate and yet brutally frank… love it. great letter.

  6. Katie March 23, 2009 / 1:52 pm

    What a fantastic response, brutally honest and much needed. Keep up the good work guys.

  7. Tatelina March 23, 2009 / 1:55 pm

    Fantastic set of letters…

    What a shame there was never a reply… :(

  8. Karen Caris March 23, 2009 / 2:08 pm

    I am not surprised you didnt get a response,they were bringing puppies down to Adelaide and selling them in a park so i notified the council at burnside to put a stop to it also they where selling their non profitable breeding dogs but she has taken that off the website, also heard two girls working there had to leave after witnissing a puppy bashed to death for not sitting still for a photo its on the web,they honestly should be shut down to many designer dogs are meeting a bad ending thanks to people like freedom kennels.

  9. Kerry March 23, 2009 / 7:36 pm

    we must all write letters like yours, we must also act.

    We must let the general public know what goes on – in conversation, in the media, by emailing and by other means.

    Education and the taking on of responsibility by people such as ourselves will not be enough until those who are in the general public, understand that a pet is a lifelong commitment.

    when no-one buys from a pet store anymore – ANY products – not just animals, and everyone tells them that they ALL purchases are going to pet supply stores as they do not sell animals – then that financial impact will make them change their behaviour – so lets encourage a change in buyers behaviour… stop buying ANYTHING from the wrong type of store.

    Add to this the education of individuals – and register and DESEX all pets – when people know that surrender generally leads to death, when they know that litters don’t always make it to a new loving home, that they are condemning most of those little ones to death when they surrender them. When they are held accountable – by the law – and financially for not caring appropriately for an animal.. then things may change a little for the better too!

    We all need to get the message out…. we need to gently and firmly make what we know KNOWN to ALL.

    Some may not care – but they can be made to understand that they can be penalised for doing the wrong thing – and then they may care enough not to do the wrong thing.

    We need legislation for sure – but moral pressure and social pressure can also make change happen – when applied properly!

    Well done – now lets all do even more!

  10. Rachelle April 8, 2009 / 11:54 am

    Your letter was very well written, direct and honest. Hardly surprising that a response was not received as these people profit from their nasty practices, they do not want to hear the truth.

    Thank you for continuing to fight for the innocent. I have been involved in cat rescue for over a decade now, and it’s reassuring to know that others are fighting the same battle.

    Thank you again.

  11. Chelle August 26, 2010 / 4:34 pm

    I agree that puppy farms are abhorent, and I am not overly versed in this issue, however I have personally purchased a pet from Freedom Kennels in February 2008. The team at Freedom Kennels were very open and honest throughout the entire process and communication effectively and efficiently. Morti arrived safely from Adelaide to Melbourne via a Virgin Flight, he was in excellent health and has since become a valued member of our family 2 and a half years on, he continues to be a healthy animal who has obviously not given up once he was not so shiney and new.
    I can understand that there are puppy farms out there, however I think that for the most part it is still the age old addage that a pet is for life and not just for christmas, we should still remained just as focused on the people purchasing them and then giving them up AND the puppy farms.

  12. Martin Brookes August 31, 2010 / 1:29 pm

    The critique of Freedom Kennels is very short on facts about FK. It could be a circular letter sent to all breeders. The writer admits never having visited FK yet tars the breeder with the same brush as all breeders have been tared with.
    There is no doubt a reason for concern regardsing the industry of pet breeding however, there is also no doubt that the industry is feeding a demand. It is much more difficult to educate people about the responsibility of owming a pet than it is bash all breeders, pet shops at all. Try educating the population, make pet ownership more onerous and the demand will drop. Or, is that a case of “too difficult ?” So go after the soft target ? Does the writer foolishly think that the demand for soft cuddly pets will die out if the number of pets available in shops is reduced ? Of course not, history of supply and demand will tell you.
    More objectivity and less subjectivity would be a good start.

  13. Deathrowpets October 4, 2010 / 10:25 pm

    Chelle I have no doubt that your puppy has found a good home, but it’s not about that. It’s about the mother of the pups and the conditions they are frequently kept in as a “breeding machine”. It’s about the massive number of animals that are bred by people like Fks, who could not care less that over a quarter of a million healthy cats and dogs a year are killed each year in Australia. If they are so good, ask them what are they doing to stop the problem? Don’t wait up for a reply. And also it’s about the fact that you could have got an equally lovely healthy dog from a pound or shelter that would have made an equally fantastic pet – and at the same time saved a life, instead of encourageing even more over-breeding from a mass production breeder. I’m not seeking to make you feel bad about this; we got our first dog from an ad in the Trading Post as we had no clue either, like a lot of people, of what is going on. Since then, we have had 4 rehomed dogs. I hope that your next pet will be from a pound or shelter and that by reading our website and blog posts, that you learm what is going on and make a different choice next time! Hopefully you’ll tell others as well. A long and healthy life to your pooch!

  14. David October 5, 2010 / 7:32 pm

    Can anyone bring this to Julia Gillard’s attention? Its the best chance to finally introduce new laws to protect these poor creatures. All the male PM’s wouldnt even consider it, so please lets ALL put in an effort and bring this to Julia’a attention.
    Thank you ALL

  15. Claudia December 15, 2012 / 9:40 am

    I have personally visited Freedom Kennels in SA
    I became suspicious because they were trying to meet me in the CBD with 3 choices. I drove to the town and got an address with
    directions from a local business. I have never witnessed such shocking conditions.
    Not 1 meter square of grass. The dog was filthy, flea ridden and matted.
    I bought him because I couldn’t bare to leave him behind.
    To this day my dog is terrified of young men in baseball caps and has anxiety issues.
    He was obviously physically abused.
    They should have been shut down a long time ago.
    I’ve never witnessed such appalling conditions and so many dogs per square metre. To those who have bought dogs from them and have had them delivered. You have no idea of the business you have supported.

  16. Stef February 12, 2014 / 9:59 am

    We rescued our little man Flacco – formerly fatso from freedom kennels 7 years ago and he still has not forgotten his traumatic start to life. He was advertised as a retired stud dog and when we went up to lamaroo to meet him we noticed he was a little distant with people but we were assured that he was raised in their house and was more of a treasured pet. He had a beautiful way with the other dogs so we decided to take him home. As we were preparing to leave Peter the owner told us “he’s not really trained but if he does anything wrong just give him a good kick”, it struck us as odd but we brushed it off as a rough country manor. When we got him home he was very frightened and unsure but again we thought well he’s from the country he’s adjusting. Then my dad came to visit – Flacco took one look at him and defecated where he was standing then ran as fast as he could to the back darkest corner of our yard. This was under a huge tangle of vines and we couldn’t get to him so tried to coax him out with fresh BBQ chicken to no avail so we put out food and water and left him overnight. The next day he hadn’t touched it so we set about cutting down the vine only to find he had gone to the toilet where he was and was shivering uncontrollably (it had been a warm night) we immediately sent our dad off to stay at a hotel and us three girls cuddled and hand fed him on the couch for the rest of the day. He was starving and after a trip to the groomer (cut short due to his uncontrollable shivering and wetting himself) fatso was severely underweight but the problems didn’t stop there. We took him for a vet check up and as well as two fractured ribs his teeth were rotting out of his mouth – some just attached by rot alone, he had all but 6 out. He also had a heart murmur and server displacement in his front and rear legs – all traits he would have passed on to the 400 or so puppies he would have sired in his time at freedom. The heart murmur came with horrifying seizures, his whole body would go stiff and he would scream at the top of his lungs. He would jump out of his skin at the slightest noise – his claws on the floorboards was enough to send him flying behind the couch shaking and we had to ban male visitors for the first month. He is now 13 and close to the end of his life, he is deaf and blind which has almost seemed a relief to him as in his comfortable little world he now has nothing to fear. He lives on our couch or under mums study desk and can’t make it very far from either of those locations. He can no longer be put under anaesthetic so his few remaining teeth are becoming an issue and I fear we will have a tough decision to make soon. He is still a very happy boy despite everything that has happened to him and comes flying down the hall as soon as he figures out mum is home. He has given us so many years of joy and unconditional love and now I want his story told so that maybe other dogs will not have to suffer in the same way. Please support justice for Flacco! When you see a puppy at a pet shop next think of all the dogs that are suffering just so suburbanites can have their oodles.
    Thanks for reading

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