The curse of Christmas…….

“I’m a volunteer and committee member for an organisation call K9 Dog Rescue near Mandurah Western Australia. We’re fully volunteer operated and donation funded. We are currently licensed to hold 40 dogs, but we hover around the 28-30 on average.  Last year we found homes for over 700 pound dogs, and we collect from the local pounds on Mondays and Wednesdays, usually taking in 10-12 dogs a week (excluding puppies).

After Christmas, this year our office was swamped with calls from people wanting to surrender Christmas dogs. We’re talking 2 weeks afterwards. Some of the other people came and just dumped dogs on our doorstep.

One story I can tell you: There was a young idiot there one day waiting with a puppy, it was the last of a litter of 11 (obviously the runt), that he hadn’t been able to sell over Christmas obviously. He wanted us to take it. The office staff asked him if he was going to get his dog steralised now…………. “NO! I want another litter” was his reply.  

Honestly, this is what we are dealing with.”

DRP Comment: this true story just highlights the attitude of irresponsible back yard breeders

If you faced this individual, what would you say to him?


4 thoughts on “The curse of Christmas…….

  1. Karen Caris March 23, 2009 / 2:17 pm

    After holding back from punching him in the face id like to see his dog taken away from him as this just proves he doenst care about it and to make him work with shelter dogs and witness first hand when they are given the needle if he is human it should affect him but highly doubt it as he sounds like he is using his dog just for money grrrrr

  2. Kerry March 23, 2009 / 7:43 pm

    These are the very idiots who need a strong dose of legislation to manage.

    All animals born should be registered and microchipped and monitored.

    The registration process would ensure that any breeder who’s animals ended up at a shelter would be charged for the animals board and keep should take the financial brunt of surrender until rehomed and NEVER euthenised.

    Yes, every single ad placed, every single puppy or kitten for sale should be monitored by a registered body to ensure that the animals get registered… or there will be penalties…

    When there is no profit, or it gets eaten away by the surrender penalties – then the backyard or other inappropriate breeders will find it very poor profit generation at all… and will give up their trade in living beings..

    Just a thought,

  3. Bec April 19, 2009 / 4:27 pm

    I would ask him why is it he wants rescue to take this puppy then seeming he can find homes for them so easily. I think before taking the puppy he should be forced to go to a pound and watch why a healthy dog is euthanised but again I dont think it would have much effect of many of these people.

    We rescued a mother dog from being shot just outside Mandurah, we walked around the back and saw this severely underweight large dog tied up on a chain no more than two metres in length in the sun with no water, she was in shocking condition. She had one puppy left, wouldnt of been more than 6 weeks and it was weak and had no access to water as the bucket was too high, he wouldnt let us take it. There was also three other dogs there one female and two males all in fairly average conditon, same thing, he wouldnt let us take any of them (no doubt there will be more puppies from them). We tried to educate him as nicely as possible about being responsible but he wasnt prepared to listen. There was about five people at the house including one woman and to think that all of them thought it was perfectly acceptable to have animals in this condition is appalling, you could see it in their faces they couldnt care less about the dogs. We notified the RSPCA and surrendered the dog to them, with a complaint against the owner, nothing was done besides a warning to worm the other dogs.

    There is no deterrant for people, no education and no incentives to be better and responsible pet owners. Having one without the other two wont change a thing… Most of the responsibility should be put back on the “breeder” and new owners of puppies/dogs/kitten/cats should have access to cheap or free sterilisation that is where it needs to start first.

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