News on the NSW Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill – speech by Minister Greg Piper

Independent Minister for Lake Macquarie Greg Piper made an important speech in NSW Parliament in May concerning Companion Animal Legislation:

“Animal Welfare organisations have written to me giving me good reasons to support the Bill and Inquiry…….. I have received 255 representations supporting the Bill and/or Inquiry and 14 against. Most opponents have identified themselves as part of the pet industry” ……..

“The way our society treats its companion animals is not good enough. Too many animals are bred without good reason and consequently killed” …….

The wording of the Minister’s speech is really significant and we invite you to read the full text of this important speech, please click here…..

Please note in this speech the important stand taken and message sent by Wyong Shire Mayor and Councillor Bob Graham who clearly recognises the negative impact of the increasing number of animals entering Wyong Council Animal Care Facility.

Actions you can take:

NSW residents: Please ask your Minister if they can also make a speech in Parliament on this subject. Continue to meet with and send letters in your own words to your Ministers asking them to support the Bill and Inquiry. If you have been meaning to do so, and haven’t yet, now is the time as the Bill will likely be debated when Parliament reconvenes.

The Labor government, despite all the messages sent, still believes “it has done enough”. As Minister Ian MacDonald said in a recent letter “A great deal of progress has been made on the issue of the welfare of animals in pet shops”.…. ”. To read this letter from Minister Ian Macdonald, please go here….

Other States: Please send a copy of this speech to your own Minister explaining that the problem is a problem that occurs in every State and request that they take similar action.

The campaign to stop State-sanctioned killing in Pounds and Shelters needs more Ministers in all States to stand up and take action. If you want to help, please find the Ministers who will show leadership and initiate action in your State.

DRP Comment:

What are your thoughts on Greg Piper’s contribution?

By all means send Greg a well done message to ‘’. He deserves a big well done.

Can you find a like-minded Minister in your State who will show leadership on companion animal welfare to stop the killing?

Do you know of any Ministers willing to stand up and take action in your State? Please let us know. We’d be happy to assist.

One thought on “News on the NSW Animals (Regulation of Sale) Bill – speech by Minister Greg Piper

  1. Janet Wickens July 30, 2009 / 4:30 pm

    Well done Mr. Piper, hopefully more of your collegues will follow suit.

    This problem has been left to fester for way to long and legislation is long overdue.

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