Pet Rescue hits the mark with the Pedigree Adoption Drive

Pet Rescue has been working in collaboration with pet food company Pedigree to bring badly needed focus upon the plight of Rescue animals in Pounds.

You may have seen full page ads in the Sunday Metros and the TV ads featuring Echo, rescued doggy.

 “This morning we filled Martin Place, Sydney and Federation Square, Melbourne with rescue dogs. It was a real hit! Throughout each location we placed over 200 yellow cut out dogs, each with the story of either Echo, Indiana or Otis on the back. Passersby were encouraged to pick up and take one home. Many people took a dog to work and most were really interested in finding our more about the cause.”

If you want to see some of the great pictures, go to

To learn more about this campaign go to:

Since 2004, the Rescue groups and individuals that Pet Rescue support have collectively rehomed around 34,000 animals – great outcome!

DRP Comment:

This is a brilliant campaign. We congratulate Pet Rescue!

Raising awareness of the plight of impounded animals is a critical part of the No Kill Campaign and Pet Rescue working with Pedigree has really hit the mark.

Pet Rescue hope to raise over $200,000 to help Rescue Groups expand their work and rehome even more animals as an alternative to pet shops and back yard breeders.

Tell us what you think about the campaign and how it will help raise awareness of animals that can be re-homed.

2 thoughts on “Pet Rescue hits the mark with the Pedigree Adoption Drive

  1. Janet Wickens July 30, 2009 / 3:36 pm

    Congrats. to Pet Rescue and Pedigree. It’s companies like the latter, who make their money from companion animals, who should be helping out with the problem of unwanted animals.

    They also have the resources to put behind campaigns like the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Hopefully more pet companies will follow Pedigree’s fine example.

  2. Grazyna August 2, 2009 / 8:44 am

    Well done Pedigree, and a big thank you to PETRESCUE and all of the rescue organisations and volunteers.

    As just one little individual I’m taking (direct) action and have adopted a dog from Save a Shepherd, and stocked up my pantry on Pedigree food. That’s one beautiful dog spared and ongong support to help others too!

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