Petition to NSW Premier Nathan Rees for full Inquiry

We have now submitted our Petition to NSW Premier Nathan Rees :

“The reality is that there are far more animals in the pet market than there are available homes. As you are likely aware breeding of companion animals is not regulated, and profit motivated entities have little interest in slowing down the numbers entering the market.

There is much debate about the causes and responsibilities related to this problem. For this reason NSW is in urgent need of a full Inquiry to determine causes, responsibilities and possible solutions. Only with an honest and open assessment of all the factors that create pet overpopulation and pound killing can solutions be developed for once and for all.

With all the vested interests of profit motivated organisations in the 4 billion dollar (total Australia) pet market, we believe that only a Parliamentary Inquiry will be honest and transparent enough to satisfy all stakeholders. We respectfully present you with over 1000 signatories of concerned citizens who petition you personally to intervene and support the call for this Inquiry.”

To read the rest of the letter and the full petition text, please click here

DRP comment:

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition! If you havn’t yet signed, please do so as we can send  additions.

Look out for the press releases that will shortly accompany this initiative.

Many people are cynical about Petitions, but at least the Premier will get a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Your thoughts?


One thought on “Petition to NSW Premier Nathan Rees for full Inquiry

  1. Janet Wickens July 30, 2009 / 4:36 pm

    I would like to call on the Premier, Mr. Rees, to take a tour through NSW pounds and shelters to see for himself, first hand, the numbers of animals who are dumped by irresponsible people who treat animals as disposable items and don’t desex their pets and allow them to breed uncontrollably.

    Mr. Rees please support the call for an enquiry and the passing of the Animal Regulation of Sale Bill.

    My vote for your re-election will depend on your decision.

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