When will it ever stop?

This is why we need to follow this campaign through to its end – no more killing

Anne wrote to us a few days ago:

“When will it ever STOP?

 Last night one of our Carers was walking her Foster dog, near Belmont Oval.  Not her usual route, nor her usual time.  But, for one little girl, it was a God send.

 Scottie, her little dog went off the track and would not come away from a plastic bag. So she decided to investigate, only to find, horror, there was a tiny female Maltese, in the bag.  She was still alive, but couldn’t move. (luckily the bag was split, so she did not suffocate.)

 There was a quick mercy dash to the local vet, who was closing for the night, but re-opened to help this poor creature.  They took her in and x-rayed her, only to find that her back was broken. Her stomach was empty and she was in filthy condition. 

 This lovely vet, who is not one of our regular Rescue vets, offered his services free of charge and treated the little girl as if she was a paying customer.  The vet nurse took her home and nursed her through the night.  All were willing to do whatever they could to help her.  And I am please to tell people that it was The Lake Veterniary Hospital at Belmont who was so kind to help the dog.

 Another, horrible revelation, the little girl had given birth to puppies within the last six weeks. 

 To anyone considering purchasing a pup from a back yard breeder, or pet shop.  This is the end result for the mother of some of those puppies.

 Starved, injured and no longer of any use, she was put in a garbage bag and thrown away, like any piece of unwanted garbage.  It didn’t matter to the morons who owned her, that she was still alive and suffering.  Why would it matter to them, they will keep one of the pups to continue breeding from.  Make it’s little life hell, but why would they care, they will get someone to give them $500 each for her pups, and not give a second thought to the poor mum, they just threw her out to die.

 When will the law stop back yard breeders and pet shops from selling puppies?

 When will the life of one little dog be worth more than a piece of shit in a garbage bag?

 When will the Councils start fining the people who advertise these pups in the papers, not microchipped?

 When will it stop…..who knows, but if thismessage stops one person from breeding their pet or saves the life of one dog…..then it is worth it.

 Just as a footnote, the dog who found this little Maltese, was also a victim of cruelty and neglect, he had been continually bashed around the head and beaten…..until his carer came along, he never knew what love was, so last night he paid pack some this love to her, by saving another little cruelty case.

 Please, if you know of anyone who may have had this little dog, please dob them in, they are just low life morons who should rot in hell.

 After writing this email, we received a phone call from the vet nurse to say that the little girl has passed away…..Rest in Peace little Angel…….morons rot in hell.”

DRP comment:

We get a message like this every week from around the country, whether it’s about backyard breeders, pet shops or Council Pounds – they are all terribly sad.

Someone must know who this breeder is – they will have advertised, or sold to a pet shop recently.

We get these messages all the time. But we wonder if the Politicians and policy makers ever see these? Here is something you can do. If you have a personal story like this, please also make sure you send a copy to your local Minister, your council and the Minister responsible for Companion Animal Welfare in your State. We get the impression that many of them live in ignorant bliss.

10 thoughts on “When will it ever stop?

  1. Annelies Craig July 26, 2009 / 6:08 pm

    How truly sad this tale is and how often do we hear of instances of abuse such as this. It makes my heart break when I hear of these stories as well as all the ones that are on the dog rescue sites that we all need to support. I have two little rescues and they are such blessings.

    We need to continue to sign as many petitions against this as possible. We need to write to our local Minister/Government officials as often as possible and encourage all our friends to do the same as well. Animals are not disposable items and I hope that someone has dobbed in those morons, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON THEM…………

    We need to

  2. Louise July 28, 2009 / 12:26 am

    The hypocrisy of our society is revealed when a dog who bites a human in self defence is deemed ‘a dangerous animal’ and subsequently killed. In contrast, if found, the evil individual(s) who put that poor little girl in the bag would probably only receive a fine.
    Such shocking cruelty should result in a maximum penalty of imprisonment ; being prevented from ever having another animal and a massive fine. Personally I believe those who can ignore the suffering of a vulnerable beautiful animal are a danger to all species of animals and do not deserve to live.

  3. carmen redfern July 28, 2009 / 2:58 pm

    I too am appalled at the depravity of some humans. Whenever I encounter people with their new puppies, I always ask where they purchased them from & in what condition the parents are cared for. Surprisingly in Australia, in my neighborhood, many people now have rescue dogs. This is only thanks to animal advocates like yourself. Thank You

  4. animalover July 28, 2009 / 9:51 pm

    i dont understanbd……
    WHEN is the law going to make sure pet shops & backyard breeders NO LONGER EXIST.

    the poor little darling….

    WHEN is something going to be done?

    i hope kharma comes back 10 fold (at the least) for these beasts who have no soul to do this to these helpless animals.

    HOW is this allowed to keep happening.

    it is just so very sad.

  5. Janet Wickens July 30, 2009 / 3:52 pm

    Absolutely disgusting! At least she isn’t suffering anymore. I agree with you ‘animal lover’ and your Karma comment.

    The simple solution is don’t buy your pet from pet shops or backyard breeders. Don’t even buy your pet supplies from pet shops who sell animals. There are plenty of pet shops around now that don’t sell animals so please support them.

    If the pollies won’t listen to want the majority of the public want then it is up to us to boycott the offending people responsible for the overpopulation of companion animals.

  6. Janet Wickens July 30, 2009 / 3:57 pm

    Oops! forgot to mention that I have sent a copy of the above story to my local state minister.

  7. Rosanne July 30, 2009 / 8:38 pm

    I am absolutely appalled at the treatment of a human being – yes as far as I am concerned our dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cows are human beings – and should be respected and treated as such.

    I am in tears reading the treatment of this poor dog – many thanks to the vet who is mentioned.

    We must stop the abuse of our pets.

  8. Paula July 31, 2009 / 9:31 am

    Nothing surprises me anymore. We received our darling little puppy after people had left her and her 3 brothers and sisters in a house at 6 weeks old without food or water and took their mother. Our baby Tilly was the only one to survive. We would have had all 4 puppies. Tilly is our 5th dog. We have rescued a Greyhound as well after she was going to be put down as she was not quick enough. What a waste.


  9. sue August 1, 2009 / 2:04 pm

    this is appalling, we need to act to stop this now,
    thank sto the vet, the rescue lady and her very clever dog for finding this little girl.

  10. Marina August 2, 2009 / 3:45 am

    Start petitioning judges, anyone within the legal system, your local mps etc…more so judges, because they are the ones that hand down the sentences, or lack of thereof….., how will anything make a difference if a judge gives a suspended sentence or community service? send them to jail for a lengthy period and rot in hell….

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