Last month we sent this letter to over 1000 NSW Councillors and General Managers:

“There is increasing impost on councils and their ratepayers – over 120,000 cats and dogs entered NSW Pounds last year with 60,000 killed  – who foots the bill? 

Ans: You do.

 “As the Manager of a local Council Animal Care Facility I see the result of a system which is failing animals, cats and dogs alike. We need to make urgent changes to lessen the supply of animals so that every animal adopted into a home is valued and cared for. At the moment local ratepayers are bearing the cost of this iniquity.”            Rob Van Hese, Manager, Wyong Animal Care Facility

 Hello Councillor,

 This letter is to request your support in a community animal control and welfare crisis which is creating ever -increasing financial and social costs and resource pressure for Councils across NSW.

 We are asking you for your support with a critical action:

 To use your considerable influence at State Government level to lobby your local Minister and the Minister for Local Government to support the call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the NSW Companion Animal industry and to support the passing of Independent Minister Clover Moore’s Animal (Regulation of Sale) Bill 2008

  • Did you know that in NSW the current (failing) animal control system results in the killing of over 60,000 healthy cats and dogs each year? (Click here to see associated table, NSW 2007/08 – euthanasia of cats and dogs in pounds.)  
  • Did you know that numbers entering the Pound system are increasing each year and that NONE of the strategies tried so far by the NSW Government have made any difference?
  • Do you know what it currently costs the Council to maintain your Council Pound or Animal Facility?
  • Do you know what it will cost Council in future when the NSW DPI have concluded their review and issue of the planned revised Code of Practice for Pounds and Shelters (that is actually badly needed to upgrade many hopelessly antiquated facilities and services)
  • Are you aware of the stress, trauma and depression that council staff suffer when they are involved in a job role requiring the regular killing of healthy animals – just because a home can’t be found?
  • Are you aware that there are increasing numbers of animals bred each year, promoted by marketing and sales via the pet industry and unregulated breeding – that don’t find a responsible home and this will increasingly add to the Council impost in coming years?

 Please ACT NOW, as the Bill will be tabled when Parliament convenes after the winter recess.


  1. 1.     Please read the attached speech made by Independent Minister for Lake Macquarie, Greg Piper in NSW Parliament in May. Click here to read this important speech……
  2. 2.     Please read the attached White Paper to understand the macro issues behind this increasing community problem. Click here to read this document….
  3. 3.     Please read the NSW Cat Protection Society newsletter: ‘Pets+profit=Misery’. Click here to read this document…..
  4. 4.     Most importantly, please lobby your local Minister and the Minister for local Government to agree to support the call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the NSW pet industry– legislative changes lie with the Government and they are resisting calls to change the system or even accept the need for a public Inquiry. Lack of serious government action is costing your Council increasing dollars and social pressures.

We thank you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely

 DRP Comment: well, so far the reaction has been silence on most fronts, but Tamworth, Nambucca Hornsby, Canada Bay and Lake Macquarie have responded positively.

 This campaign needs your help: Actions you can take if you live in NSW:

  • Contact your local Councillors and request their reaction to this letter and any actions they will take; request that they put this on the agenda for the next Council meeting
  • Attend your next council meeting and use the three minute public session to endorse the contents of the letter and urge the Council to take action. If you plan to attend, contact us and we can help by providing you with the pound figures from the last 3 years council pound statistics.

Actions you can take if you live outside NSW: would you like a similar letter sent to Councils across your State? Let us know if you can help to initiate such an action.


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