Letter to Editor, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 2009, from CEO Cat Protection Society

“It comes as no surprise to learn of Ian MacDonald’s patronage of hunters. The Minister has shown scant regard for the welfare of animals, as those of us working in animal charities can attest. His $3.5 million for the Game Council compares with the $533,000 in funding he announced in April to be split between the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, WIRES, Cat Protection Society and Domestic Animal Birth Control Co-operative Society.

The government opposes Clover Moore’s bill to reduce the suffering of cats and dogs by regulating their sale, and even  for an inquiry into the welfare of companion animals has been rejected. A minister who gives priority to working with a hunter who describes shooting of an elephant as awesome is hardly likely to care that tens of thousands of cats and dogs are killed on his watch”

Kritsina Vesk, CEO, Cat Protection Society NSW

DRP Comment:

We congratulate Kristina on posting this very relevant letter to the press.

So why does Minister MacDonald favour hunting over animal welare? Does that fact that he is a farmer himself have anything to do with this? Why is he blocking all efforts to get badly needed regulation into the pet industry?

Actions you can take: contact Minister Ian MacDonald and tell him its not on! let him know about all the problems you see out in the world of Pounds and Shelters.

But then, why would a farmer be concerned about killing animals?

Why does companion animal welfare in NSW, Victoria, Queensland,  fall under Department of “Agriculture” within Department of Primary Industries? Isn’t it time to get the welfare of our pets away from the “farming” mentality and into a more appropriate and compassionate government department? What do you think?


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