Letter we sent to the CEO’s of each State RSPCA organisation

We wanted to endorse the value of the CEO’s of State RSPCA’s attending the 2009 3rd Summit to end companion animal overpopulation later this month. Our focus is to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to hear sessions by Nathan Winograd and his message that compassionate leadership is needed as a vital ingredient to make the shift from “killing” as a matter of course to “No Kill”.

Our view is that the heads of every animal charity, and management of Council Pounds and Government departments need to hear this message.

“We are left with the view that we in Australia are far behind the modern day progress being made in the US. The fact that there were only 3 Australian attendees at this important conference – none from any charity group or government body- perhaps indicates that the No Kill movement is not receiving the attention that it deserves.

This has to change and we believe that public opinion will force that change.”

To read our letter, please click here……….

DRP comment:

We’ll be sending this letter also to the heads of the State AWL organisations. We need to drive a movement for our charity animal welfare organisations – RSPC and AWL, Cat Protection Society, in particular, to accept the challenge of adopting the No Kill equation here in Australia. If our “animal welfare” groups can’t or won’t show leadership in this critical area, why would governments and Councils? We need to make the point to the large animal welfare charities that the public will eventually place their charity monies and bequests to those organisations who actively embrace No Kill and dramatically work towards reducing the kill rates in their pounds way below where many of them are today. Why would we donate money to organisations that are killing animals at an “acceptable level” and not changing their practices to proven, tested and workable No Kill solutions?

Actions you can take: start right now- Follow up now with the CEO of your State RSPCA and AWL and ask the question- “are you or your senior managers attending the Summit to end companion animal overpopulation? If not, why not? “Tell them your donations in future will go to those  organisations who have embraced the No Kill movement.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Let us know!


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