Update on NSW Animals Regulation of Sale Bill 2008 and petition to Nathan Rees

We understand that Independent Minister Clover Moore will be calling for the debate in the NSW Parliament over the coming weeks. The ABC program showing tonight Thursday 1o September on detrimental dog breeding practices will stimulate more public interest in companion animal welfare and so the timing will be good from a public awareness perspective on companion animal welfare issues.

We sent our petition regarding the call for a parliamentary inquiry to Premier Nathan Rees at the end of July. Thank you to all the caring people who signed the petition. We have not had a response.

To read the letter that accompanied the petition, please click here……

DRP comment: It’s perhaps predictable that the Premier hasn’t responded – he seems to have his job at risk as his main priority right now. However, this deserves a reponse and so we are chasing up via his office.

Actions you can take: if you signed the petition,  please phone the Premier’s Department  on switchboard 02 9228 5947, ask for the Premier’s Office,,then leave a message for Nathan Rees asking for a response and asking when will the Inquiry take place and how?
If you haven’t yet contacted your own Minister to ask for support for the Bill and the Inquiry, now would be a very good time, perhaps last chance.


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