Have you ever read a media article on this subject, and then failed to find it again later? Maybe you wanted to re-read it, or send it to a colleague?

We have!

So that gave us the idea for COMPANION ANIMAL NEWS

It’s a website dedicated to collecting all the news articles and press releases related to the subject of companion animal pound killing and the efforts to stop this national tragedy. It will cover every State across the nation, so people will be able to search the database by State.

In the one place, the public can access important national newspaper articles, local community newspaper articles, and yes, even significant letters to editor.

BUT….. And its a BIG but. This needs YOUR help. It will not work with out it. The site needs you to submit articles and news pieces as you find them. If you are an organisation and you send out a press release, we want those as well. Lets make this a real community success!


Review the website and if we have missed a news piece, please send us a legible pdf of the article and the weblink of the article if it belongs to a newspaper group. We need both. Please note that jpg pictures are of no use – it needs to be a pdf, or a link to the article on their website. Only Australian news  please.

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