New initiative: “Give pets a chance”

Press release by Give Pets a Chance.

“Give Pets A Chance are an incorporated charity whose aim is to educate the general public about their responsibility in regard to the way companion animals are bred, sold and discarded due to the overbreeding of dogs and cats for the pet industry.

There is much information about how companion animals are being bred and supplied, but it is not reaching the people who need to see it – the consumer. As a pet free pet shop owner I can vouch for the fact that the average pet buyer is totally unaware of the hidden cruelty involved in the pet trade. It is our aim to make the public aware of this information and appeal to them to take action, as only they have the power to change market practice. We will be appealing for donations which will be used for the purpose of running this campaign.

We also aim to promote the establishment of in-store adoption sites for the rehoming of orphaned animals. This will not only make adoption of dogs more appealing to the public who shy away from the sadness of the pound set up, and assist in rehoming the many available orphaned pets, but also appease the worries of the shop owner concerned about the loss of add on sales from a new pet purchase.

People have the real power to change the way companion animals are bred and sold. It is time for the consumer to take responsibility and put an end to the cruel cycle of puppy mill, pet shop and pound, by carefully choosing where they purchase their pets and pet products.”

DRP Comment:

Give pets a Chance is a campaign designed by Lisa Wolfenden (owner of a pet-free pet shop and her brother Will Wolfenden – film-maker who published “The Puppy Mill”).

We suport their proposition that in the main most of us activist groups amd welfare groups “preach to the already converted”. The messages need to get out to a far wider community – the public who today have no idea about the problem and what they can do about it.

We support this initiative whole-heartedly. Please give generously to fund advertising /educational and promotional campaigns that will get information to the public who need to see it so they can make better quality decisions about their pets.

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One thought on “New initiative: “Give pets a chance”

  1. Jane Duckworth October 21, 2009 / 3:24 pm

    I have just visited the site for the first time, finding it very informative, easy to use and attractively set out. I found out some dog welfare info that I was unaware of, overall finding the website to be offering a very good coverage of the main aspects of the dog overpopulation controversy. I hope many visitors check out Give Pets A Chance as it will be a great educational campaign for the general public.

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