Slowing the flow – STOP irresponsible breeding!


 “The NSW Government have not developed any policies that deal directly with the issue of irresponsible animal breeding. Put simply, anyone can breed and sell animals.

 There are no rules and little regulations. You don’t need a licence or a permit to breed animals. You don’t need any training or any certification. Who protects the puppies?

 Scenario: The owner of a Kelpie x dog purposely mates her with his friends crossbreed dog.

 Result—10 puppies. When asked what he is going to do with them he replies: “Oh, I’ll make sure they find good homes– no worries!” When asked why he let his female dog have a litter, he thinks for a moment and then says “Dunno, thought it’d be a good idea.” When asked if he is going to desex her, now she has had a litter, he replies aggressively “Mind your own business, I’m not breaking the law, buzz off! ”

 Six weeks down the track: The pups are little bundles of energy and sweetness. The owner is seen with a few in a bag going down sell them to the local shopping centre pet shop. The pet shop won’t buy them because of the breed. They only want fluffies….So he starts pulling up people on the street “Do you want a FREE puppy?” Most people keep walking but a few, especially those with kids, stop to look. He comes back with an empty bag. A couple of days later he is seen doing the same thing. One person is heard to reply “I live in unit—how big will dog get?” He eventually takes a pup….. There are now 4 puppies left.

 Meanwhile the mother of the pups is out running the streets again. So what happened to the last 4 pups? The day he was leaving ( or doing a flit ) he takes the 4 pups to a neighbours place and in pity, they take them. He has now placed all his pups. What did the neighbour do with the 4 pups? He took them to the RSPCA and left them there. He doesn’t know if they survived.

 The last straw: This breeder intends, in a few months, to mate his dog again with another friends dog…

 Why? “She loves being a mother”, he says and the pups were real cute! Next time he might be able to make a buck. And so the story will be repeated again and again.

 After all it is not illegal to be a backyard breeder. You don’t need any brains and although it is illegal to give away pups without micro chipping he has to be caught first. And the 10 puppies– sadly, most probably eventually ended up in a pound……

 What needs to be done- A Parliamentary inquiry will develop the necessary information that will allow a measured approach. Clearly the industry needs regulation and management. Clearly the current situation can’t continue. Though we cannot pre-empt the outcomes of such an inquiry and review, clearly the best form of legislation would come in the form of complete regulation of the industry.

 How YOU can help! Get active, right now and help this campaign to fix NSW Animal Policy and start to heal the damage caused by years of indiscriminate breeding!


DRP Comment:

Well said Doggie Rescue! We love your work!


One thought on “Slowing the flow – STOP irresponsible breeding!

  1. Julia Riseley November 5, 2009 / 1:29 pm

    What was the outcome of Lower house voting on Policy last week? Was it passed?

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