The mindset of a typical Council (we need your help!)

If you look on the website of one of Sydney’s largest Councils, this is what you see under the areas of responsibility of the Manager who has responsibility for the Council pound:

Waste, Animal & Emergency Services

  • Sullage Removal Service
  • Septic tank effluent collection and disposal.
  • Garbage collection
  • Recyclables collection
  • Clean-up services
  • Sanitary service
  • Street Cleaning
  • Litter bin emptying
  • Removal of dumped rubbish
  • Urban animal management and education
  • Animal collection
  • Animal housing and re-homing
  • Animal euthanasing
  • Support and assistance to State Emergency and rescue service for flooding and storms, fire control, fire prevention and suppression.

DRP Comment: Interesting! Animal rehoming lumped in with Sanitary services, street cleaning, and removal of rubbish.

Is it any wonder that many Councils have a problem with taking Animal Welfare seriously??

But let’s not blame the Council. This is such a legacy structure from an earlier era. We need to explain to Councils that whilst animal control is important, animal welfare needs to be added to the mix – and that wont happen with Managers whose heads are firmly in “Compliance” and “Waste collection” mode. This is a new area for many Councils and we need to help them.

Actions you can take:

Check out if this is a similar scenario in your council. If it is, contact your Council and make a case for animal collection, welfare and rehoming to have its own area of responsibility. Make a song and dance about the importance of having an appropriate structure., or educating their management about the new directions (ie No Kill) that can and are taking place.

If you want to make a presentation to your Council – any member of the public can-  and you want help, just contact us on We might be able to help!

We need your help – volunteers needed!

We have an ambitious program that needs volunteer support in all States. We plan to build a datbase of every Council Pound Manager in Australia, so that we can begin a campaign of education re the No Kill movement. We are convinced that the vast majority of those responsible for Council Pound operations have no idea as to what is possible. So, if you can offer some time and can work around contacting Local Governments or Councils in your State , are pc literate and can work with simple spreadsheet functions to help us build that database, please contact us at


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