This is WRONG, wrong on so many levels…..

Hi there

I volunteer for Best Friends Rescue which is based in Brisbane.  

 I was at the pound the other day waiting for half an hour to pick up some dogs that our rescue organisation were giving a second chance to.

In that time 15 cats were surrendered. Five 8 week old kittens- all fluff and cuteness, a sleek black mother cat and her 5 x 3 week old kittens- only so new in the world and three other lovely, friendly cats. That is in HALF AN HOUR!

 They were all euthanased at 0700 on Friday. This is WRONG, wrong on so many levels!”

We can’t take on any of the cats from the pound (even though they are very keen for us to do so) because we simply don’t have the carers. I was able to rescue one little one the other day and her 4 newborn kittens and they came home with me- thankfully hubby hasn’t moved out like he said he would if I bought one more cat home (lol- he’s all talk anyway- he understands that i CANT leave animals there to die). It’s just so frustrating when you see such lovely natured companion animals that for no huge fault (possibly lack of training or stimulation) of their own are heading towards death way before their time.

The staff at the pound were telling me the other day that they aren’t even ‘allowed’ to tell people who are surrendering animals that there is every likelihood they will be euthanased!

 (Thank-fully they admitted to me that they are so fed up with the endless stream of animals coming in that they do now tell people about the likelihood of death for their ‘pet’.)

 Cheers, D

DRP Comment: this happens all the time round the country.

Actions you can take: please write and tell us your stories – they have to be told. And if you do write to us, also send the story to your local government representative responsible for animal welfare in your State. We honestly don’t believe that they have half an idea of what goes on. What do you think?


One thought on “This is WRONG, wrong on so many levels…..

  1. Romana December 3, 2009 / 4:48 pm

    This is horrible. I have met quite a few people who honestly believe that

    ‘the RSPCA or AWL will take care of their beloved pet well and find a BETTER HOME for it”

    and they would never even consider the possibility that their pet will be cruelly “destroyed”!

    On of those people is a lovely elderly lady in Adelaide-Elizabeth who brought already the third Chihuahua puppy, which she bought at a too young age in some pet shop, to the RSPCA, because she had trouble getting them litter-trained (!)

    People who bring their pets to animal shelters MUST be clearly informed of the consequences! The best would be to show them very graphic pictures – or even better, a video – of how the animals are euthanised in that facility.

    I bet most of those people would take their pet back home then, and look after it much better from that day on!

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