Fantastic news from the 3rd Summit to end companion animal over-population – “getting to zero”

One of the most significant and exciting papers to come out of the Summit that took place on the Gold Coast this year was the contribution by the Animal Welfare League Queensland who are “close to zero” in their efforts to stop the killing of pound animals in Gold Coast City. (Remember that the AWL Queensland is a different organisation to the AWL NSW, who didn’t even send a single participant to this important Summit).

“We are getting closer and closer. Over the past 7 years, AWL Queensland has been focussed on developing a comprehensive sustainable Community Change Model which is proving successful in significantly reducing the numbers of incoming abandoned animals and the numbers euthenased in Gold Coast City.

Our major goal is to achieve zero ”euthenasia” (DRP note : ie ‘killing’) for all stray and surrendered healthy and treatable cats and dogs (ie at least 90% of all stray and surrendered cats and dogs) in Gold Coast City.”

To read this amazing and exciting story, click here to download the document.

DRP comment:

AWL Queensland and Gold Coast City are to be congratulated for this incredible effort, and indeed for documenting their success process into the “AWL Queensland Community Model”.

It’s a model that should be replicated all round the country, and started as quickly as possible. If Gold Coast City and AWL Queensland can do it – why not elsewhere?

As  Joy Verrinder says: “By sharing our successes and strengths, we can achieve success in every community around Australia”

And what a day that will be!

Note: to be fair, we know that RSPCA ACT are also well on the way in this No Kill Journey, but the other RSPCA’s and AWL’s around the country need a wake-up call to get on the No Kill Journey

Actions you can take

Please download the paper and digest the contents. Please copy it and send it to as many people you believe who need to see the information: Councils, heads and staff of Pounds and Shelters, Council Rangers, Pound volunteers, rescue and foster parents – let’s all work together to get the information out there.

Contact the CEO’s of the Following organisations with the document, and ask the question “what is your position with regard to adopting the No Kill Philosophy enshrined in the AWL Queensland Community Change Model in your own operation? What steps are you taking to implement the No Kill Equation? And what progress are you making? What are your rehoming figures  as a percentage of all incoming animals for the past 2 years?

Steve Coleman CEO RSPCA NSW

Maryann Dalton CEO AWL NSW

Maria Mercurio CEO RSPCA Vic

Steve Vanston CEO RSPCA WA

Steve Lawrie CEO RSPCA SA


One thought on “Fantastic news from the 3rd Summit to end companion animal over-population – “getting to zero”

  1. Gabrielle December 4, 2009 / 1:31 pm

    Since this year’s Summit, the AWL Qld has already started to work with other rescue groups and it is exciting to see many attendees have also started to implement change in their communities. I look forward to the next National Summit where progress will again be shared and I am sure we will lall have plenty to talk about. Working together, we can make a real difference, and the best thing is that difference will be how many more lives have been saved.

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