Proof that pet shops sell puppy mill animals

The CEO of the Pet Shop Industry Association of Australia, Joanne Sillince, constantly claims that “pet shops never sell puppy mill animals”.

We have proof that this is mis-information (ie a lie).

We were recently sent these documents that show categorically that pet shops like: Toucan Pets in Adelaide, Pet City in Perth, Pets World in Sydney, Pet Land in Canberra and many others are buying their puppies from ACA Breeders (Now Banksia Puppies) in Victoria, one of the largest puppy mill sproducing over 2,500 puppies a year into the market. Download these 3 documents here: Doc1 ;    doc2;      Doc3

DRP Comment: it suits the Pet Shop Industry Association to have the public believe that pet shop puppies and kittens come from ‘responsible sources’. The truth is far different. They buy from mass producers (ie puppy and kitten mills) and from backyard breeders. We overheard a conversation in  a pet shop in Townsville recently . The store manager said to the backyard breeder “As this pup has a hernia, I’ll have to sell it as a sale item”.

Actions you can take

Contact the pet shops concerned and register your objections to their selling animal obtained from a large puppy mill. Their phone numbers are on the documents that you can download above.

If you have any information about the source of animals for pet shops, please let us know!


12 thoughts on “Proof that pet shops sell puppy mill animals

  1. Romana December 3, 2009 / 4:37 pm

    These invoices and bookkeeping records basically document that those pet shops have bought animals from private sources (Editor’s note: they are in fact ACA Kennels documents). I do not see anything bad in that!
    I have sold some of my young mice and rats myself to Toucan Pets in Adelaide City (one of the names mentioned in your records), and I have bought a bright, healthy and friendly (tame) guinea pig from them which had certainly been treated well in the past. I see no reason to complain!

  2. Catherine December 3, 2009 / 6:52 pm

    I used to work for Pets World and I would testify in court that they buy puppies from puppy mills! It was revolting watching the managers unload crates of pups that had just come off the plane, most of which were younger than 8 weeks and very sick. All of the Pets World stores had an outbreak of parvo virus but they still kept filling the cages with puppies to make money! Alot of the time we weren’t sure which puppy belonged to which vacc certificate. This needs to stop!!

  3. Evelyn Haskins December 4, 2009 / 11:30 am


    Ban Puppy Mills! BAN Kennel Control Members from running Puppy Production lines too!!

    Ensure that Pet Shops, as well as all other sellers keep proper records for individual puppies.

    Ensure that ALL sellers give a money-back guarantee against puppies incubation infectious diseases or with compromising genetic orcongentital problems. Regardless of whetghe they are sold from a Registred Breeder or a Pet Shop.

    But leave responsible Pet Shops alone!!!

    I don’t think that anybody would think to ban greengrocers from selling fruit because SOME greengrocers sell sub-standard produce.! (Or secondhand car sales yards, etc, etc,)

  4. wendy shaw December 7, 2009 / 1:31 am

    What a revolting thing to say, how dare you compare a living breathing sentient being bred in DISGUSTING circumstances to an APPLE!!!!or a CAR!!!! Are you insane??

    I can see here that the only people that don’t object to Petshops selling these babies are the ones making money off their misery.


    You people that are so hell bent on disgusting petshops selling psychologically damaged/overbites/nervous puppies from vitamin deficient half dead mothers have never seen a puppy mill in action ,and never been to a pound recently…Or you would be as angry as I am.. Because thats where all the puppies end up,between 1-2yrs old they are murdered before they have even began to live.
    I am appalled at the human race,throwing dogs and cats away like an old mobile phone, All I can say is KARMA.

  5. Catherine December 7, 2009 / 7:57 pm

    Evelyn all I can say is the only responsible pet shops are the ones that dont sell any living animals only products. They still make money. You obviously own/work at a pet shop or you possibly even sell your backyard puppies to one.

  6. Julie-Anne December 17, 2009 / 1:29 am

    Evelyn there is a big difference between puppies and fruit. You can not describe living animals the same as food you eat. Simple, don’t sell pets in pet stores and support the puppy farmer’s pocket. More importantly, there are animal shelters such as Pets Haven in Victoria that are struggling to save so many cats and dogs from death row,because of the huge number of puppy and kitten mills, not to mention backyard breeders.

  7. Margaret V June 18, 2011 / 1:39 pm

    LOL at some of the comments on here….one person suggests something remotely different to your views and there a “puppy farmer” or “pet shop employee”…is it so hard for your naieve, feable, narrow minded heads to understand people have different opinions??
    So im hoping all you are vegans?? Because I’d hate for you to disprove of “puppy farms” yet willingly and happily promote the factory farming of poultry who live a horrible horrible life just to end up as your next meal, or like to eat that fresh piece of pork that also get treated almost as bad if not worse then these puppy farms….theres so many issues with ALL animals and even HUMANS ourselves. We can’t even fix our own societies issues. Did you all adopt your children or reproduce yourselves?? As we all know there are millions of displaced, orphaned children around the world living in some of the most inhumane conditions starving to death yet you happily reproduce and put more kids into the world when there’s many out there who need a home?? Oh what? thats the argument you have to adopt-dont-shop?? Yet for our own poor children this doesn’t apply?

  8. Margaret V June 18, 2011 / 1:44 pm

    The information spin is also very interesting….those mentioned “buyers” of puppy farm dogs are not members of the PIAA so thus manipulating the comments of the CEO to suit your agenda is very well commended. The CEO explains that PIAA members do no buy from puppy farms, so how about we put forth the real motive behind their comments. Thanks.

    (Just waiting now for the accusations of im either a puppy farmer or pet shop owner of which i’m neither so pleae don’t bother with those)

  9. Kerry June 20, 2011 / 8:00 pm

    Why the debate about reputable shops selling baby animals for profit?
    Because in general terms profit occurs why in advance of animal welfare concerns.
    Those who divert from the topic probably have a vested interest or an agenda or possibly business that derives profits from the sale of baby animals.
    Isolated good experiences of a person buying a pet, or gppd profit should be are far outweighed by even one animal suffering.
    I have been in rescue for over 30 years, many who are passionate about shutting down baby animal farming are keenly aware of the disgusting animal husbandry (or complete lack of this) for animals.
    In most puppy farms – you see mass production where queens. bitches and other mother animals are bred over and over, often in appalling conditions, where they are isolated & have not human based socialization – they often have completely disgusting unsanitary living conditions, urine and faeces, standing water, or putrid water if there is any, the food is very poor grade – in summer they boil, in winter they freeze, there is often no natural light – adn very little artificial light – it is a stinking rotten hell – and no creature deserves this – THIS is what they seek to stop! Puppy Farming (kitten Mills etc)
    Do not think that this is isolated – do not hijack the topic – yes other animals are treated appallingly too – and many of us are strongly involved in this matter – working and lobbying for changes here too!
    The most effective thing for people to do is to ADOPT from no kill shelters – when a market for these animals dries up – when there is NO MORE PROFITS from the sale of these animals – THEN there will be a reall success!
    In the meantime – get involved in things like “Oscars Law” and support and volunteer and donate to REAL animal welfare causes – your support could mean that one day this misery can be ended for the suffering – and those languishing in pounds and shelters lives will be more valuable! This will save misery and save lives!

  10. Geordie Hatchet August 2, 2012 / 4:09 pm

    Some nice aspects to you comments Margaret (bet they haven’t adopted children from neglectful circumstances either). However I wouldn’t buy a pet shop dog and no I haven’t adopted kids either because my husband doesn’t want to. I would purely like to see puppy factories closed because of the constant breeding of females until they die without ever experiencing a year without being pregnant. And no I’m not a vegan (I farm my own food).

  11. Voyeur Adventures December 20, 2012 / 10:14 am

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