Family dog killed by Lost Dogs Home after blunder

Read this article about the Lost Dogs Home: ”Family dog killed after Cranbourne Pound bungle”

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“Today a supporter sent this link and was deeply distressed that again the Lost Dogs Home have killed someone’s pet without trying to work out whether or not it could be rehoused acceptably, back to the owner. 

A microchipped pet, and a bureacratic bungle at Australia’s largest pound, shows again the incompetence of Management and the lack of willingness to save a ‘wanted’ dog’s life. 

Again another email arrived from a member of the public tonight, this time distressed because the Lost Dogs Home have killed their pet within the mandatory 8 day period and refuse to give any form of answer as to why. 

Here is the email received. 

“my partner and I  had a dog that was handed in by someone who didn’t own the dog ( our dog/puppy wasn’t microchiped) on a Monday about 4.30 pm and he was put down the very next morning at 8.15am or 12.30pm depending on who was telling the story.

 The person who handed him in stated it wasn’t their dog. We have contacted them on numerous times to find out what happened and why the dog was put down and each time we were told a very different story inc the dog was never there.

 We have never been able to see any paperwork regarding the dog, we weren’t even able to have a look for dogs up for adoption ( hoping we might spot him) and were told by Sue to go have a look at the website. no stories ever matched up and no one has told us a straight story and we don’t understand why he was put down so quickly, as he was a gorgeous dog.

We were wondering is there a way of finding out what happened to the dog maybe through paperwork or any other way. We are still not buying any of the stories of what happened to our dog and just want to get down to the truth. Any help would be appreciated so much.” 

Again the incompetence within this facility shows that we are dealing with a management who is willing to kill companion animals. 

It is time the Lost Dogs Home were made accountable for their shocking, and FATAL mistakes, if they are to continue garnering donations from an unsuspecting public.  With 6 million dollars in the bank,  and spruiking they are the ones who care because no one else cares enough, the Lost Dogs Home should be willing to speak to these owners, and at the very least, offer a personal apology to both of them. 

Actions you can take: Please copy and send this post to everyone who you think would like to read it.  If you would like people to contact the Lost Dogs Home at Nth Melbourne on   (03) 9329 2755   or email  CEO  Graeme Smith and Shelter Manager Sue Conroy on 

It is time justice was asked for within this facility which is a high kill pound, yet others can operate as a towards No Kill Shelter.  It is time to ask The Lost Dogs Home to be accountable to those who donate their money to them, to save the very animals they are so bent on killing.

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2 thoughts on “Family dog killed by Lost Dogs Home after blunder

  1. Shirley March 15, 2010 / 5:09 pm

    This is absolutely disgusting..a dog handed in at 4.30 pm to the ‘Lost Dogs Home’ and only being kept for 20 hours at most. What I would like to know is why it was PTS within such a short period of time, and what, if anything, was done to find the owner. In most shelters in Queensland that do not have a ‘no kill’ policy, they are kept for approximately 3 days to a week, with photos and description and area where found, put on their website.

    If a person’s dog excaped while they were at work and they arrived home at 6.00pm and realized this, most refuge employees have gone home for the night. By 8.30am the next day when they phone to see if it has been found, they are told it has been PTS, how devestating for them.

    I know all dogs cannot be saved but if donations are to be forthcoming in the future, I implore these people who donate to do something to make sure that Dog Shelters are run by ‘people that care’.


    A responsible and caring animal lover.

    PS..most of us are not perfect, no matter how much we love our pets, ( to err is human) but in most cases lost and wandering pets escape because of OTHER people entering our yards and leaving without securing gates. (FACT)

  2. mandyjayasinhe March 16, 2010 / 8:07 pm

    Please this is such a short time for people to respond and find their beloved pets surely they should be loook after for a mminimum of 2 weeks to be found if not adopted out!!!Cant wait till it happens to one of their pets and they see how it feels

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