News from Victoria- Introduce legislation to stop the abuse of dogs-‘Oscar’s Law’

This is an idea that presents on the Premier of Victoria’s website. Currently it is the second most voted upon idea.

Date of original idea:: 29th January 2010

 “Most Victorians are currently unaware that extreme cruelty to dogs is widespread in their State and that many of the perpetrators of this abuse are escaping any form of punishment due to a lack of animal welfare legislation. One case that exemplifies this sad truth is that of ‘Oscar’. On January 4, 2010, members of Animal Liberation Victoria investigated a puppy farm near Lancefield and rescued sick dogs urgently requiring veterinary care. The ailments that the veterinarian diagnosed these dogs as suffering included severe matting, ear infections, gum disease, rotten teeth, grass seed abscesses, malnourishment and emaciation. Some days later, the police raided an ALV member’s house and took one of the rescued dogs, ‘Oscar’, back to the puppy farm where he was so badly treated. The RSPCA has since told ALV that the only problem RSPCA investigators found at the puppy farm was the matting of fur and the operators of the farm have not been prosecuted. Another example of the travesty that is the measly ‘protection’ Victorian law currently provides dogs is the case of KK Kennels in Gippsland. A case against this puppy farm ended up in VCAT which, because there is no clear legislation to protect dogs exploited for breeding, ruled that it is acceptable for breeders to keep dogs in raised wire cages as long as they are regulation size. The time has come for the Victorian Parliament to pass legislation to outlaw the factory farming of dogs- to deem the mass production of puppies illegal! So as to really protect the welfare of dogs and to help stem the issue of over-breeding (which leads to thousands of unwanted companion animals being killed in shelters and pounds every year), this law should also ban the sale of animals in pet shops, over the internet and in the print media, work on increasing the re-homing rate in pounds and shelters and introduce a no-kill philosophy in shelters and pounds. Additionally, the Government should commence running a truly effective campaign about responsible companion animal care.”

 Actions you can take: vote on this idea and send a comment to the Victorian Premier John Brumby.  Do it NOW!

Click “Promote” on the web-site. Let’s make this Number One idea for Victoria. Do it NOW!

 DRP Comment: It’s typical, there are more votes on the Premier’s page for a drag racing strip in Vic than the lives of animals. Whilst you are there, vote to ban factory farming, which is on the same site. On about page 6 there is an idea to ban duck shooting – there are hundreds of opponents to this idea – presumably all “shooters. Let’s get some balance in the debate and vote to ban duck shooting in Victoria.


2 thoughts on “News from Victoria- Introduce legislation to stop the abuse of dogs-‘Oscar’s Law’

  1. Tony March 19, 2010 / 8:29 am

    Totally agree with DRP’s comments. Please vote on all mentioned items.. it is absolutely obscene that companion animals are under the control of the Department of Primary Industry. As though they are some commodity like a sack of wheat. I would suggest also hammering your local politician and we must seek where all political candidates stand on such issues. Elections are the best time to try to force change. The duck hunting one is being swamped by idiot hunters and desperately needs support from animal lovers .

  2. Helen Cowan March 22, 2010 / 8:25 pm

    Please stop all this animal cruelty,stop puppy farms and backyard breeding,put an end to duck shooting,what harm do they do?
    Don’t let any animal out of shelters or pounds without being desexed,these backyard breeders have to be stopped Australia wide, ban pet shops from selling animals,they are nearly always ill or have some problem and they go out undesexed and so the cycle starts again.

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