Why does the pet industry say that Christmas is a good time to be selling animals?

In the January issue of Pet Industry News, Bob Croucher had this to say:

Pet Shops should not feel guilty about selling animals at this time of the year as long as they adhere to the laws and to good policy of making sure that the actual person receiving the animal is made aware of the responsibilities of pet owning. In an interview the RSPCA stated about the pet shop they opened at Rouse Hill in Sydney “Christmas is a good time to be selling their animals”.

They too should ensure that their animals are only sold to the person that will be taking care of it. I know, that in their enthusiasm to find a home for their cats and dogs (Ed:!!!) they sometimes cut corners…..”

DRP Comment: This, from the same man (Pet shop owner, Publisher of Pet Industry News and PIAA Director) who couldn’t answer the simplest of questions put to him by the journalist on the excellent ABC National News Radio interview last November, concerning his own pet shop policies carried out by his staff!

If you missed the interview, go to it here., and have a laugh ( or cry) at the rubbish spoken by this apologist for the pet shop industry.


One thought on “Why does the pet industry say that Christmas is a good time to be selling animals?

  1. Mi. James March 16, 2010 / 6:21 pm

    Pet Shops buy puppies from bitches producing dozens of littlers. They are literally bred to death producing puppies for a gullible public who say ‘Ahhhh!’ and ‘Oooh!’ at the puts in the petshop windows. These pups are bought on impulse then disgarded and YOU the taxpayer picks up the tabs for them to be put to DEATH by contracted vets in council pounds.

    Two pet shops to avoid are in Westfiled Marion (adelaide). One owner even has the gall to request shredded paper from the public to keep the pups happy. I’m there are plenty people stupid enough to comply. The pet shop owners must be laughing at these idiots.

    The ‘Media’ does not report these events due to the fact the whole country is facinated by trashy American celebrities.

    A good reason to start your own FORUM or go onto FACEBOOK causes to discuss these issues with real people.

    Get involved and change the pet industry.

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