RSPCA plan to act (at last) to stem the tide of over-breeding across the country

The RSPCA national office have issued a discussion paper “Puppy Farms”. We quote:


There are various animal welfare issues associated with the breeding of dogs in Australia

including puppy farming, pedigree purebred health and welfare, and inbreeding. This discussion paper concentrates on puppy farming only, defining the term and the various animal welfare problems associated with these operations. This paper also addresses possible solutions to the problem and seeks further comment on options to prevent the operation of puppy farms in Australia. This paper focuses on intensive puppy farming facilities, both registered and unregistered with local government. It acknowledges that there are responsible dog breeders in Australia.”

 Actions you can take: We urge you to download the discussion paper here, and reply with your comments to RSPCA national CEO Heather Neil by Wed 31st March, to the address given in the document.

 DRP Comment. This is a significantly important initiative by the RSPCA. At last it seems that they are taking action. We support this 100% and look forward to some positive actions developing. We will watch closely. The document proposes licensing of Breeders – no doubt irresponsible breeder groups will oppose this.

2 thoughts on “RSPCA plan to act (at last) to stem the tide of over-breeding across the country

  1. Elizabeth Janiszewski March 20, 2010 / 2:05 pm

    Puppy farms should have been outlawed many years ago. They give rise to so many unwanted animals which then have to be put down that it has become a national scandal. Yet no government seems inclined to act and make it an offence to continue to breed these animals. Of course there are also stories of the overseas sale of puppies whose fate is unknown but cerainly seems very sinister. Hopefully, there will be a national look at the state of these puppy farms and a fim decision taken to put an end to them.

  2. Raffaella April 30, 2010 / 12:00 pm

    the sad reality =it is business, and when humans see the $ sign, nothing else matters

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