Breeder Permits to help reduce euthanasia – news from the Gold Coast

Press Release, Animal Welfare League Queensland, May 14, 2010

THE Animal Welfare League of Qld supports the introduction of Breeder Permits on the Gold Coast as an important step to reducing the numbers of abandoned cats and dogs which are killed because there are too many for the numbers of responsible homes available.

The AWL Qld is a leading welfare organisation with the lowest euthanasia rates for a whole city in Australia. However, it is still always full with abandoned cats and dogs from the Gold Coast and surrounding cities and shires.

Last year 1400 abandoned cats and dogs from Gold Coast residents were euthanased despite ongoing publicity regarding the importance of desexing, (including low cost services through the AWL Qld Community Vet Clinic), and extensive community awareness and education programs.

AWL Qld strategic development officer Joy Verrinder has welcomed the scheme and is confident it will reduce the number of unnecessary deaths. read more here


RSPCA to close Puppy Factories

The RSPCA have commenced their campaign to close puppy factories across the nation. From their website:

There are a few simple things you can do to help us close Puppy Factories.

  1. Never buy a puppy from a pet shop. It’s estimated that over 95% of puppies sold in pet shops are produced in puppy factories. Likewise, be very cautious if you’re looking to buy a puppy from an ad in the classifieds, be it newspaper or online. If the public stop buying puppies, the factories will be forced to stop producing them. It’s just supply and demand.
  2. Pledge your support by signing our petition and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We can then approach the government and attempt to have the laws and legislations regulating puppy factories tightened or ultimately, closed down.
  3. Notify either the RSPCA or the local authorities if you suspect a Puppy Factory in operation……”

To access the RSPCA Help us close puppy factories website, click here

DRP Comment:

We applaud the RSPCA for taking this step. Let’s hope this is the beggining of the end for puppy and kitten factories.

Actions you can take:

Read the info on the site, sign the petition, pass it on to others! Do it now!

Sickly animals bought from pet shops? Needed for submission.

Have you, or do you know anyone, who has bought a cat or dog that was sickly or something wrong with it from a pet shop?

Last year we were in a pet shop in Tweed heads NSW when we overheard a conversation between the manager and a back-yard breeder.

Said the Manager “As the puppy has a hernia, I won’t be able to get full-price for it; I”ll have to sell it at a reduced price”.

Please write your stories in the comment sections below. As much detail as you can, including the town and dates.

We’ll have your email address, but this wont be public so you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Thank you; these will go into submissions.


News from the US: Want to watch a great success story in the making?

It’s called “Residents Must Spay, Neuter their Cats & Dogs

– Clark County introduces spay and neuter laws”

This film shows how Clark County Nevada has created some really great ideas to stem the flow of animals in their community.

To watch this inspirational short film, click here…

DRP Comment:

What is stopping us doing this here? Why do we have to lag the US by ten years?

Actions you can take:

Lobby your Council to introduce better desexing regimes. Low cost de-sexing clinics and public education is the way to go.

Who is in the poo now RSPCA Victoria?

–         “ Animal Liberation stunned by conditions /dogs suffer and die in filthy puppy farm ”

“Sorry RSPCA, you’re covered in effluent just like the Paxton’s.

I tried for a week to get you to act and get help for these dogs and this is what you told me:

“Hello Debra, from the information you provided I am unaware of any violations against POCTAA. This would be best referred to DPI and with the local council for any CoP issues.

To read more about how the RSPCA failed to act in the Paxton’s Puppy Mill Hell ( … and then did act when it became clear the media were involved) , click here

Read “Hell on earth” : click here….

Here is a well written comment on the blog site:

“For all the other shires who have buried and covered up and procrastinated and continue with their paper shuffling, take note – the public of Victoria will not tolerate the factory farming of our companion animals, and there is a ground swell. For the puppy farmers – your days of profiting out of these animals are numbered. Find a new occupation.”

What are they doing about the problems at Grafton Pound and what you can do to help?

Grafton Animal Rescue sent this letter to their Council in April:

“The Grafton animal shelter facility is located in South Grafton and is a council service of the Clarence Valley which covers an area of some 10.440Km 2; it services 44 towns and city environments.

Built many years ago, what was once fitting in its day has been allowed to decline in both quality of animal care and maintenance for several years. This is not the fault of the current staff members who do whatever they can under the present conditions. read more here

Sound advice to find a responsible and ethical breeder

We need to educate the public as to how to buy their pets.

Obviously influencing people to go to a Shelter or local pound should be the first choice.

But we have to recognise that some people will want a breed-specific animal. So, we were pleased to see this document from the RSPCA which addresses many of the issues that need to be addressed if that is their choice.

This is what they say:

“If you are looking for a new dog, check your local RSPCA or other animal rescue group first.

There are many wonderful puppies and dogs out there looking for new homes.puppies and dogs out there looking for new homes.

But if you can’t find the right dog for you, or have your heart set on a specific breed, you’ll need to find a good breeder.
Here’s how to go about it

Follow our Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide and you’ll be on the right track to taking home a healthy, well-adjusted puppy and helping to prevent the sale of puppies from puppy mills or irresponsible breeders……………..”

Click here to download the Document

DRP Comment:

Great document. Download it and pass it to as many people as you can who you know are looking for a pet AFTER you’ve told them about rescued pets first! The document speaks about Puppy Farms as well, which is good.

Are you a responsible breeder? tell us what you think!