Can one film change the lives of animals?

Animals Australia have just released the following:

“Sometimes, a movie comes along that changes everything. EARTHLINGS is one of those movies. It took 6 years for the filmmakers to get all the hidden camera footage of places that most people are never allowed to see — and most animals wish they hadn’t.

EARTHLINGS is a multi-award winning film about society’s treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby — and just for being part of Unleashed, we’ve scored you front row tix!

But be warned: THIS IS NOT A FAIRYTALE. The way animals are raised and killed for food, fashion, research and entertainment is often violent, and shocking. Only if you think you can handle the truth about where meat, eggs, leather — even pets come from, then sit back, and prepare to be amazed…”

To watch this film click here…

DRP Comment:

This is a remarkable film. We were shocked to learn how many people view animals in their search for food, clothing, entertainment and so called medical research. The film covers a wider range of topics than  the companion animal issues that we focus on at DRP. As shocking as it is, it needs to be seen.

Actions you can take:

Send the film to as many people as you can who have  a love of animals, and who want to better understand our position on earth with them.

Tell us about your reaction to the film….

3 thoughts on “Can one film change the lives of animals?

  1. Karen May 18, 2010 / 5:19 pm

    I cannot believe this film.
    I am shaking from shock, who filmed these scenes?
    All the others…
    Why would you film this and not be able to stop it?
    We must act to stop thes barbaric acts!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Weiland May 19, 2010 / 8:18 am

    I could not watch the film in its entirety, although I had intended to. I am not a particularly religious person, but may God forgive us for what we have done, and what we continue to do to animals.

    This can change, but we need to make animal rights a very high priority in the manner in which we live. We are all responsible as we let it happen, or pretend that it is not happening.

    All I ask, as a human being, sharing this planet with other living creatures, is that we treat the less fortunate with the same dignity and respect as we do to those that are more fortunate and in positions of power and influence.

  3. Francesca Hunter May 19, 2010 / 11:58 pm

    I can’t get over the irony that the species priding itself on being so ‘superior’ over non-human animals, is capable of this level of obscene violence towards these emotional and innocent beings, just because we can. How did the human race get so very, very far off living with basic compassion and respect? This is truly terrifying on every level – emotional, psychological and spiritual. It shakes me to the core of my being. We all ned to find our voice to speak up against these atrocities, because the animals can’t.

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