How many cats and dogs were impounded, re-homed or killed in NSW Council Pounds 08-09?

It takes about 6 months for the Department of Local Government to publish their previous year’s figures, and not all Councils fulfil their obligations to report (although it’s nearly at total compliance we are told).

We take these figures, which appear as a massive spreadsheet, and add to them figures we can glean for other reports such as the RSPCA, AWL and a few others significant shelters.

What we don’t know is how many healthy cats and dogs are killed on owners requests at vet surgeries, or how many Greyhounds are killed after their “racing careers” (!) are finished.

Never the less, the attached summary report gives a best estimate statement of the excess animals the public of NSW allowed to be killed last year.

No other State collects these statistics, as far as we can establish. Why?

Victoria undertakes a survey every few years, but strangely enough the results are “confidential”. Why? What they want to hide?

To see the NSW figures, click here……

If you want a copy of the full spreadsheet, contact us at We can extract for you the statistics for any NSW Council, a valuable tool if you are campaigning in your local area for change

DRP Comment:

The NSW annual statistics of Council Pound data is an enormously valuable tool in understanding what is happening at Pounds and Shelters. We believe in the phrase: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it”. So why don’t all the States have this collection of Council Data? It’s not hard to do. If NSW can do it, why can’t the other States?

Action you can take:

If you want to be a part of the solution, take action in your State to lobby for and influence your relevant Government body to initiate annual collection and analysis of Council Pound statistics. It is vitally important that this happens so we can understand each State picture, the national picture, and it will massively help corrective action.


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