How to save even more lives in Shelters – RSPCA ACT

ABC Stateline March 5 2010

A quiet revolution at RSPCA ACT’s Canberra Shelter. CEO Michael Linke  leads the way with innovative, caring and practical methods that break the old mould……

To watch this inspiring film click here….

DRP Comment:

Here is one RSPCA kicking goals in saving lives! And it’s not that hard. The animals love it, and clearly so do the staff.

Remember that each State RSPCA is a separate body, and just because one is doing it, it doesn’t mean the others are. Same as the Animal Welfare League, where Queensland is leading the way with its G2Z (Getting to Zero) model.

Actions you can take:

If you are meeting resistance from your local Council Shelter, use this film clip as proof that others are doing, why can’t they? Are you a member of the RSPCA? Write to your State CEO and ask what are they doing to Get to Zero.

2 thoughts on “How to save even more lives in Shelters – RSPCA ACT

  1. Margaret May 17, 2010 / 11:24 am

    What an inspiration this branch of the RSPCA is. I stopped donating to them years ago, but would certainly now give to RSPCA in the ACT under the leadership of this humane and compassionate man.

  2. Jodie Graham May 17, 2010 / 1:59 pm

    I dont know why we continue to support the sale of pets in pet shops, when we should be encouraging people to ‘save a life’ rather than ‘support a backyard breeder/puppy farm’. There are so many gorgeous dogs out there that need homes and its great to know RSPCA ACT is doing something rather than just getting rid of the problem. My last 2 std poodles came from rescue homes, and they are the most loveable dogs. I cant believe my “4yo Sadie” was surrendered from a breeder who didnt want her because she couldnt have puppies! When will people get it??? Why cant pet shops foster homeless dogs? Why cant other RSPCA’s across Australia have the same approach as ACT? 93% rehomed is an amazing achievement! WELL DONE RSPCA ACT!

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