News from the US – more cities ban pet shop sales of animals

No pups for sale? Cities ban pet shops

Movement aims to curb puppy mills, spur shelter adoptions

Image: A girl watches two dogs at a shelter
Annalysia Romero, 9, watches two dogs play in an open
room at the Animal Humane New Mexico’s adoption
center in Albuquerque on May 25, 2010. Since 
retail pet sales have been banned in
Albuquerque, animal adoptions at city
shelters have risen 23 percent.
Craig Fritz / for
By Rebecca Dube ;May 27, 2010

Buying an adorable puppy or kitten at your local pet store may become a thing of the past, if more American cities join a small but growing movement to ban retail pet sales. read more here


Why is New Zealand SPCA pulling ahead of RSPCA Australia with No Kill?

New Zealand SPCA commitment to save ALL healthy shelter- animal lives…

This is what Bob Kerridge, President of Royal New Zealand SPCA had to say in Rotorua at their Annual Conference where Nathan Winograd was invited as guest speaker :

“Our first step,” he said, “must be a commitment and an acceptance of the philosophy that saving lives is totally achievable. With that in place, the second step is to implement an infrastructure with each and every individual SPCA to achieve just that… The infrastructure involves ten initiatives, and the ultimate success of the program depends on the implementation of each and every of missions contained therein… by resolve and the rigorous implementation of the full program.”

He called it “Saving Lives,” a campaign to achieve a No Kill nation. He didn’t use the term “No Kill,” that wasn’t their language, but what did it matter. The underlying philosophy was the same: “Every life is precious” Continue reading

Can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

Open letter to PIAA

To Janine Yeates, Member Liaison Officer PIAA, June 12, 2010

We write in connection with your recent “press release” and to point out some things you really do need to be thinking about.

“The Pet Industry Association is deeply concerned with unethical practices from either breeders or retailers.  Its Members are required to meet a Code of Practice and we believe strongly they are best placed to ensure that satisfactory industry standards are controlled and maintained.”

Your comment above is an insult to the thousands of pound and shelter staff and volunteers and volunteer rescue workers across the country who work tirelessly 24/7 in efforts to save the lives of animals who’s only fault is that they were born into a system that is encouraged to a significant degree by the pet industry to produce more and more animals. You must know that the supply chain is badly skewed towards over supply.

Your comment: …. “industry statistics suggest that the problem is not nearly as widespread as welfare groups and animal liberation officers would have us believe”.. is equally an insult to the pound and shelter staff, volunteers and rescue workers around the country.

Your industry has known about this for a long time Continue reading

“Something is wrong with this industry and something needs to be done about it.”Who are PIAA?

CEO of RSPCA ACT Michael Linke has this to say (Press release Mar 31, 2010):

Something is wrong with this industry and something needs to be done about it.  The public is confused, regulation is lax and animals are suffering as a result and RSPCA is picking up the pieces at a tremendous cost.”

Here is the June 2010, PIAA “press release”

The following “text in italics” is the text of the PIAA statement released as a result of the excellent Sun Herald expose on the reasons behind the 250,000 healthy animals killed each year in Australian Pounds and Shelters

The Facts on Pet Shops

An article in Sunday’s NSW Sun Herald by reporter Rachel Browne indicates, in part, that sale of animals through pet shops contribute significantly to the unacceptable high rate of euthanasia of pets in Australia.

The Pet Industry Association of Australia (‘PIAA’) is concerned that recent reporting on the pet industry is both inaccurate and misleading. read more here

RSPCA ACT acts on Puppy Farming

From RSPCA ACT website:

  • Puppy farming is in simple terms, a large-scale commercial production of puppies for sale.
  • Puppies are churned out in large numbers to maximise profits for the breeders with little regard
    for the welfare of the animals or pet over-population.
  • The RSPCA is totally opposed to these types of commercial breeding premises and believes
    they should not be allowed to operate.

What is the evidence?

Research into classified print advertising over one year in the Canberra region revealed some alarming figures. Over 5,000 animals were advertised by backyard breeders, with 73% being puppies. Less than 1% were desexed. Of all animals advertised, 75% were not microchipped. read more here..

The bad, bad thing that happened to Oscar and what we can do to stop it happening to others.

Who is Oscar?

Oscar was one of a number of dogs who were rescued from a puppy factory in central Victoria where they had been neglected to the point they required urgent veterinary care. The list of ailments the dogs suffered was extensive, including:

  • Severe matting — the dogs had to be sedated in order to shave their painful matted fur away from their skin;
  • ear infections;
  • gum disease; and
  • rotten teeth.

Once their matted fur was shaved it was evident that painful grass seed abscesses covered their bodies. The dogs were so severely malnourished their irritated skin was like paper and they were grossly underweight.

Days later and recovering from surgery, Oscar was returned by authorities to the very people who failed to provide veterinary care and neglected all their dogs including Oscar. They have never been charged with cruelty and Oscar remains on the puppy factory.

Oscar’s Law Campaign is in memory of all the ‘Oscars’ hidden away on factory farms treated as breeding machines to supply the pet industry.”

Click here to go to the Oscar’s Law website

Take action now for all the  Oscars out there. There are requested actions for you to take on the Oscar’s law website. DO IT NOW!!

DRP comment:

Time is running out for mass production breeders of dogs and cats.  Do your bit to help them on their way.

News from Victoria – another Geelong puppy factory

Latest news from Prisoners For Profit

“Our latest undercover investigation has revealed distressing conditions for about 30 dogs on a puppy factory in Meredith, near Geelong.

For the last 48 hours we have tried to get authorities to act. Now we need your help to increase the pressure. The code of practice is very clear and is mandatory. Only local Council officers can inspect under, and enforce this mandatory code of practice. Golden Plains Shire media spokesperon stated “The visit found all dogs on the property are registered with Council and conditions are fine”.

It is not acceptable to collect money for dog registrations and then allow the animals to endure conditions that are so bad that they are suffering and dying…..

To read the rest of this disturbing puppy factory report, click here..

Please take a good look at the pictures.

DRP Comment: What is it with this part of Victoria and their Councils who refuse to act? Over 100 puppy factories in Victoria??

Actions you can take:

Please take the actions asked for on the Prisoners For Profit website. Do it now!