Can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

Open letter to PIAA

To Janine Yeates, Member Liaison Officer PIAA, June 12, 2010

We write in connection with your recent “press release” and to point out some things you really do need to be thinking about.

“The Pet Industry Association is deeply concerned with unethical practices from either breeders or retailers.  Its Members are required to meet a Code of Practice and we believe strongly they are best placed to ensure that satisfactory industry standards are controlled and maintained.”

Your comment above is an insult to the thousands of pound and shelter staff and volunteers and volunteer rescue workers across the country who work tirelessly 24/7 in efforts to save the lives of animals who’s only fault is that they were born into a system that is encouraged to a significant degree by the pet industry to produce more and more animals. You must know that the supply chain is badly skewed towards over supply.

Your comment: …. “industry statistics suggest that the problem is not nearly as widespread as welfare groups and animal liberation officers would have us believe”.. is equally an insult to the pound and shelter staff, volunteers and rescue workers around the country.

Your industry has known about this for a long time and it is only now that public pressure is starting to bite that you are arcing up and posturing a pretence to be animal welfare focussed.

You are not a welfare organisation, you are an industry body hungry for more pet shop members and industry recognition and influence.

So how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

Roger (”Retailers buy their animals from reputable sources”) Perkin’s predecessor went to extraordinary lengths to vilify the people working tirelessly for rescue and improved breeding regulation as “PETA” puppets and people who want to stop Australians having pets. An unethical and insulting attack seeing that everyone we know on this side of the fence, of whom there are thousands, has multiple animals as pets (and actually do support the pet industry in many ways, including pet food, pet supplies and vet services.  But not from pet shops that sell breeder-sourced animals )

How can we therefore believe anything coming out of PIAA??

We dare say your board wouldn’t spend 5 minutes a month thinking about the breeding of animals in inhumane conditions. And then it would be in the context of “How can we get this pressure off our backs” and “how can we use this to get more members?”

I challenge you Janine – prove me wrong – send me the minutes of some of the board meetings.

I’ll repeat – your industry has known about this for a long time. And done zero to provide a solution to the circumstances that results in the killing of over 250,000 healthy Australian pet industry animals in pounds and shelters.

What have you done to stop Puppy and Kitten Factories?      Ans:  Nothing.

What have you done to stop the thousands of back yard breeders across the country? Ans: Nothing

What have you done to insist that micro-chipping is done at the breeder in order to determine the source of the animals?             Ans?: Nothing.

What have you or your members paid or contributed in monies to support strategies to stop the killing?

How much have you put into community desexing campaigns? Ans?: well, we don’t know the answer to that one, but we’ll have a guess.

What have you done to hinder and block initiatives to regulate the industry and stop over-breeding?

Ah of course!! That is where you excel!!

So how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

Your president recently stated on TV that all pet shops obtain their animals from registered breeders. Was that a lie or just an ignorant comment? You all know that pet shops obtain their animals from all manner of unregulated sources.

So how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

(Interesting that Dogs NSW recently and quietly (without advising their members) slipped into to their Code of Ethics a line saying that registered breeders could sell their puppies to pet shops providing that the pet shops are PIAA accredited! And then we find out that of the very small numbers of “Accredited PIAA Pet shops” that you do have, some are  owned by PIAA Board Members! Explain that one Janine. Smells doesn’t it?

The numbers that Roger (”Retailers buy their animals from reputable sources”) Perkins quotes in the “press release” demonstrate that he hasn’t a clue when it comes to the pound statistics. Does he really not know that the RSPCA stats are only a small part of the overall numbers killed in NSW?? What about Council Pounds? The AWL NSW ? Vets and vet hospitals? FYI I attach a pdf that shows you what the numbers really look like.

So how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

And then to say that: . “Of this number over 84% for dogs and 72% for cats were put down for medical reasons and behavioural problems.”

Well that is  misinformation if ever we heard any– anyone who has volunteered or works in a pound, or understands how the system works knows that the best way to “make the numbers look good” is to raise the bar as high as possible on behaviour testing. Which is why I suppose that RSPCA ACT  – who do a very good job- saves 97% of the dogs that come in? How come they euthenase only 3% of dogs and yet the combined RSPCA kills 84%?? Are ACT dogs really better behaved? Are they really healthier?  (FYI Temperament testing in the US is fast being discredited as a tool to decide who lives and who dies)

So how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

Want more? Comments inserted below for your consideration.

The bottom line is this Janine. You at PIAA all support a pet industry that results in the un-necessary deaths of over 250,000 healthy Australian pets a year. To keep bleating “It’s not us, it’s someone else…..” does not impress any of the thousands of charity shelters, rescue workers and volunteers that have to work to slop up the mess created by your industry. If you are so concerned, why haven’t you stopped puppy factories? Why haven’t you stopped back yard breeders? Why haven’t you regulated the industry?

If you really are the “peak” body of the Australian pet industry – how come there are 250,000 Australian pets killed each year?

Really, let’s be honest, how can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA??

Deathrowpets, June 2010


4 thoughts on “Can we believe anything that comes out of PIAA?

  1. Andrea Palwizat June 28, 2010 / 9:26 am

    Petshops are not buying from registered breeders, something needs to be done about this. Last year, a woman i know allowed her female dog to breed with a stray (who then was collected by council). Her female had 11 lab cross wolfhound (as she thinks this was the breed of the male) puppies, all of whom got sold to local petshops. Now the woman is thinking about what breed of male dog she can now mate her female with. All because it was so easy to get money for each of the 11 puppies. Get the real facts out!!!

  2. Karen July 5, 2010 / 3:37 pm

    Indeed, how can we believe (or trust ) anything that comes out of PIAA.

    What a sham of an operation. Is it not conflict of interest in a business sense to be a member of regulatory board and have ownership in the properties in which you govern? Of course it is.

    The real estate industry does not allow this behaviour, if I as a salesperson wanted to buy a home I was marketing I am required to ask permission from the relevant authority to ensure no “snakey” business is underway.
    As a Body Corporate Manager, I cannot vote at meetings although I run every other element of the business for the owners.

    It is entirely a conflict of interest.

    Why do we allow it to happen in the business of animal lives?

    I only hope that the letter has the impact on Janine (and her co-horts) as it should on any living being that cannot possibly ignore the facts of the situation.

    Good letter, we WILL get the message through…
    We WILL keep supporting the animals that need us.
    We WILL overcome this horror.


  3. Jan Baker July 5, 2010 / 5:34 pm

    Great letter….Yes PIAA are a money making concern they do not care about the way in which animals are being treated or how many die for nothing….they just want business to run as usual…bring on the puppies to the pet shops it doesn’t matter where they come from…..stock up on these puppies so our pet shops have a good turnover……Well PIAA you need a turnover, you money hungry lot…..Inhumane, why don’t you try & help change the industry instead of your behind the scenes activities exploiting animals…..YES HOW CAN WE BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF PIAA!!

  4. Diana S July 31, 2010 / 7:09 pm

    And I will second these comments, especially yours Karen – a conflict of interest indeed.

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