RSPCA ACT acts on Puppy Farming

From RSPCA ACT website:

  • Puppy farming is in simple terms, a large-scale commercial production of puppies for sale.
  • Puppies are churned out in large numbers to maximise profits for the breeders with little regard
    for the welfare of the animals or pet over-population.
  • The RSPCA is totally opposed to these types of commercial breeding premises and believes
    they should not be allowed to operate.

What is the evidence?

Research into classified print advertising over one year in the Canberra region revealed some alarming figures. Over 5,000 animals were advertised by backyard breeders, with 73% being puppies. Less than 1% were desexed. Of all animals advertised, 75% were not microchipped.

  • Inspectors have seen puppy farms with hundreds of dogs used as breeding stock and some
    bitches forced to have litters of puppies every six months.
  • The breeding dogs generally spend most of their lives in pens with very little social interaction
    or exercise.
  • Many of the puppies are sold through pet shops, the internet, newspaper ads, or at the puppy
    farm itself. Some puppy farms actually operate the pet shops in addition to their farm where
    they then sell their puppies to an unsuspecting public……

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DRP Comment:

RSPCA ACT seem to be well ahead of the RSPCA pack. Remember that every STATE RSPCA is a separate organisation. This is what RSPCA ACT CEO Michael Linke told us:

“Locally we ran an appeal and wrote to 12,000 Canberrans about the issue of puppy farms.

As you know last year we ran the film The Puppy Mill.

We also talk about puppy mills regularly in the local press and have spoken on major news stories, Sunday and the 7.30 report out against puppy farms.”

Action you can take:

Are you a member of the RSPCA? Contact your local RSPCA president or ceo and ask the question: “how are you making public the RSPCA campaign against Puppy Factories?”  Point out what RSPCA ACT are doing – why are you not doing this??

16 thoughts on “RSPCA ACT acts on Puppy Farming

  1. simone hewitt July 5, 2010 / 4:57 pm

    why does the RSPCA of QLD not support our petition to ban dog and cat sales in QLD pet stores? surely we have to stop the outlets of puppy farms and thats pet stores to eliminate pet overpopulation and daily euthanasia. raising money to feed poor puppy farmed animals is only assisting the tail end of the problem RSPCA

  2. Jan Baker July 5, 2010 / 6:22 pm

    why doesn’t the Government stop ALL puppy farms….surely we have some humane people in Government…..if they close them down we will not have unwanted dogs running the streets, to end up back in council pounds or being euthanased at vets or the RSPCA or shelters. All I can say is that there must be a lot of people who are making money out of the pet industry. Money that is the KEY word. For the Animals’ sake, shut down puppy mills NOW. Have mandatory de sexing in pounds!!

  3. Mark Townend July 6, 2010 / 2:04 pm

    RSPCA Qld started the push on the puppy farm issue nearly 3 years ago and in fact did the presentation to the National RSPCA to put it on the agenda and list is as a future campaign which is now happening. The current campaign in Qld has seen 60,000 people issued with material about the abhorant issue of puppy farms and a further 30,000 emails re the campaign. 2 weeks ago the Sunday mail had a double spread plus there has been lots of smaller media articles, both press and TV news stories we have linked to puppy farming.Our Inspectorate have done 2 of the largest puppy farm raids in the country, we are currently working with the Government to have legislative change. This change will fix the problem at the source not just pet shops, as there are now just as many animals sold directly over the net as there are from Pet Shops.

  4. Alexandra814 July 9, 2010 / 7:00 pm

    Find RSPCA statistics at the RSPCA Australia website …

    RSPCA ACT STATS 2008-2009

    Received: 1,628
    Euthanased: 136 (91 for ‘behavioural problems’, 45 for ‘medical reasons’)
    Transferred: 191 (means to non-RSPCA facilities such as pounds where they may have been euthanased)
    (Are the dogs who are reportedly dumped at the front of the shelter and moved straight out to other facilities counted here?)

    Received: 2,654
    Euthanased: 1,175 (541 for ‘medical reasons’, 204 for ‘behavioural problems’, 430 for being ‘feral’)

    Received: 83
    Euthanased: 9
    ‘Other’: 2

    Received: 3,205
    Euthanased: 1,580

    ‘Other’ animals
    Received: 570
    Euthanased: 167
    ‘Other’: 16

    Cruelty Complaints:
    Investigated: 912
    Prosecutions: 6
    Convictions: 1

  5. Alexandra814 July 9, 2010 / 8:34 pm

    So, at the RSPCA ACT shelter, you are much better off if you are a dog (if you are not one of those ‘transferred’ or put down for ‘behavioural reasons’) than if you are a cat (40% odd being put down), and you are better off being a cat than being ‘wildlife’ – because 50% of the wildlife are put down. And let’s never forget the kangaroo culls …

  6. Alexandra814 July 9, 2010 / 8:36 pm

    Prosecution records are not anything to be proud of either…

  7. TONI HIPKISS July 31, 2010 / 12:37 pm

    Can you please advise details regarding signatures on a petition to help stop puppy factories

  8. Diana S July 31, 2010 / 7:18 pm

    Good work Mr. Towend if you can be believed, but how about a finger on the fast forward button??

  9. simone July 31, 2010 / 8:31 pm

    did you see the story on abc stateline last night? RSPCA QLD do not support this petition.

  10. Mark Townend August 1, 2010 / 6:21 pm

    What we are very concerned about is that the biggest risk is that Governments could take an option of restricitng some sales at pet shops and leave the interent wide open for the sale of animals and this is a much worse situation.

    Go back ten years and banning the sale of animals at pet shops would have been good, however with the internet the situation of selling animals over the web is far worse than petshops.

    At least with pet shops the public get to see when an animal isnt well, or not being cared for with the “animal on display” and we can investgate and at least try and help that animal. With the net the animals are often never seen by the general public and animals who have been treated horrendously are hidden just like the black market. So our approach is to push the Government into taking action at the source rather than a populist reaction and still leave the net animal situation unabated.

    The net has made our lives easier in many ways and helps with adoptions however it has opened up a whole new world of cruelty for those people willing to exploit helpless animals!

  11. simone August 1, 2010 / 7:09 pm

    Mr Townend comment does not make sense to me. People are far more inclined to impulse buy at a pet store than sight unseen over the internet. The RSPCA can monitor these internet sales same as anything else by obtaining an address and inspecting. These puppy farms that do advertise on the net need to by law (a new law introducing this) display their license number same as all newspaper ads must have a breeder license number displayed. So RSPCA please introduce these conditions of sale with the internet and newspaper ads and prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in QLD pet stores with the exception of on selling shelter pets. You stated on the ABC Stateline program that you supported the petition by Maisie Ball however you felt that it was too hard as it had failed in other states. Its only hard if you the RSPCA dont support it. So Mr Townend you said that you support this petition and further more you said that you’d like to see only shelter pets for sale in pet stores, so here is your chance for this by supporting our new petition which will have the exc of on selling shelter pets in it. Please for gods sake stop looking after pet store profits and rid us of the main problem which is pet stores selling new born kittens and puppies when more than 30000 dogs and cats are euthanized across all pounds in QLD inc the RSPCA shelters.

  12. Mark Townend August 1, 2010 / 7:39 pm

    Thankyou for your un-informed comments!

  13. simone October 12, 2010 / 3:03 pm

    The real question here is what is the Australian federal government doing about this issue of puppy farms? Sure the RSPCA is a Federation of eight independent State and Territory RSPCA bodies called member Societies but what power do they really have? Sure, they can confiscate a limited number of animals after a number of prerequisites are met but they don’t have the actual power to shut down puppy mills for good. The RSPCA basically has to rely on the efforts of the communities they exist in, something which is obviously not working to the best of its ability as puppy farms still exist. Politicians, political parties or the reigning federal government need to take an immediate interest in this issue and use the necessary force to stop this inhumane activity. It’s the 21st century ,animals rights reflect our capacity to be humane ,let’s not keep them privileged.

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