The animals need legal beagles on their side …..

It appears to us that the cause of pet over-population problem is obvious; being that the current supply of animals exceeds demands. Until the supply of animals by backyard breeders and puppy mills (via pet shops) is slowed, animals will continue to flood into pounds and shelters”

Over the past few years, we have had very positive dealings with the Law Society of NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee – a fabulous group of motivated young lawyers keen to help in any capacity where the law can help the animals.

We attach here 2 recent documents from this group that you will find of interest and perhaps of value in your own efforts.

Letter to NSW Minister MacDonald, 2009

Submissions regarding the RSPCA Aus Puppy Farms Discussion Paper, 2010

DRP Comment:

Any advocacy from a group of Lawyers always carries weight, and so on behalf of the animals, we say “thank you” to the NSW Young Lawyers Animal Law Committee, who are always there ready to help where they can. If you feel that you may have some legal redress against persons or entities involved in the unfair treatment of animals in pounds or shelters, contact us and we can connect you.


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