Why is New Zealand SPCA pulling ahead of RSPCA Australia with No Kill?

New Zealand SPCA commitment to save ALL healthy shelter- animal lives…

This is what Bob Kerridge, President of Royal New Zealand SPCA had to say in Rotorua at their Annual Conference where Nathan Winograd was invited as guest speaker :

“Our first step,” he said, “must be a commitment and an acceptance of the philosophy that saving lives is totally achievable. With that in place, the second step is to implement an infrastructure with each and every individual SPCA to achieve just that… The infrastructure involves ten initiatives, and the ultimate success of the program depends on the implementation of each and every of missions contained therein… by resolve and the rigorous implementation of the full program.”

He called it “Saving Lives,” a campaign to achieve a No Kill nation. He didn’t use the term “No Kill,” that wasn’t their language, but what did it matter. The underlying philosophy was the same: “Every life is precious” he said and for the animals, it was the job of the humane movement “to promote and protect their right to life and happiness.”


To read Nathan Winograd’s story on NZ SPCA Saving Lives, click here…

To download the NZ SPCA paper “Saving  Lives”, click here…

DRP Comment:

Listen up RSPCA Australia – time to get on the train. Stop saying that “you don’t believe in No Kill”

Actions you can take:

Write a letter to the RSPCA CEO and President in your State asking them to consider the New Zealand’ Saving Lives’ initiative and ask them if there is any real reason why the RSPCA in Australia should not follow right now. Send a copy of the Saving Lives Document.


Lynne Bradshaw, President RSPCA  rspca@rspca-act.org.au

Sue Gage, President, RSPCA AC  rspca@rspca-act.org.au

Dr Peter Wright President RSPCA NSWmail@rspcansw.org.au

Amanda Stoker President  RSPCA Darwin  admin@rspcadarwin.org.au

Eileen Thumpkin, President  RSPCA QLD  admin@rspcaqld.org.au

Sheree Sellick President  RSPCA SA info@rspcasa.asn.au

Dr Paul Swiatkowski President  RSPCA Tasmania rspca@rspcatas.org.

Dr Hugh Wirth President  RSPCA VIC rspca@rspcavic.org.au

Lynne Bradshaw President  RSPCA WA rspca@rspcawa.asn.au

RSPCA ACT CEO Michael Linke:    Michael.Linke@rspca-act.org.au

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman:  scoleman@rspcansw.org.au

RSPCA QND CEO MArk Townend: mtownend@rspcaqld.org.au

RSPCA SA CEO Steve Lawrie :   slawrie@rspcasa.asn.au

RSPCA VIC CEO Maria Mercurio :  ceoea@rspcavic.org.au

RSPCA WA CEO Steve Vanstan :  steve@rspcawa.asn.au

RSPCA National CEO Heather Neil : hneil@rspca.org.au

We sent the following letter to the above CEO’s:

An open letter to the RSPCA and AWL Australia

I am very excited: A few nights ago I was reviewing Nathan Winograd’s excellent blog site when I discovered that he has recently visited New Zealand – he was guest speaker at their annual conference;  perhaps you might have sent delegates.

I  learnt that the Royal NZ SPCA have taken very seriously the need to adopt a No Kill philosophy across their operations.

I attach their excellent manual for No Kill which they are calling “Saving Lives”. You may already have a copy perhaps.

Apart from the very excellent G2Z method pioneered and proved to be working and extending across the country by the AWL Queensland, we have not seen anything like this coming from any of our own major animal welfare charities.

Why not? The Summit on the Gold Coast last year surely set the bar for Australia, and gave the major charities the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and take action?

I have said this before in various correspondences to various CEO’s,  that the grass roots rescue, animal welfare volunteers and workers, and the public,  expect and want leadership from our major charities – you have the money, you have the resources,  and you have the ear of government.

If you don’t do it, then how can we expect Councils to do it?

In the area of taking the pound killing rates across the country down to zero, we are just not seeing that leadership coming through fast enough.

I am throwing this challenge to you – how long will it be before we see a unified and cohesive No Kill ( call it what you like) strategy coming from each of the National RSPCA and National AWL?

Surely AWL’s across the country can just adopt and drive the AWL Queensland G2Z model? It works doesn’t it? Yet we are hearing on the grapevine all sorts of objections coming from the other AWL’s.

Surely the RSPCA National office can influence a nationally co-ordinated No-Kill strategy?

I fully realise that there is big difference between making a bold statement like ‘Saving Lives’, and actually delivering on it, but RNZSPCA are to be heartedly congratulated in the important “line in the sand” they have taken.

It’s the right start.

Winograd states categorically that the number one defining attribute that makes the No Kill journey work is leadership from the top.

I hope we will see that leadership from the top of your organisations very soon.

It’s time to put the reasons “why it won’t work here” behind and it’s time to see a unified and cohesive strategy from the RSPCA and AWL, don’t you think?

Yours Sincerely, Deathrowpets


6 thoughts on “Why is New Zealand SPCA pulling ahead of RSPCA Australia with No Kill?

  1. Deathrowpets July 3, 2010 / 11:30 pm

    Message to us from Bob Kerridge:
    “Thanks for your email, and thank you too for all your good work with animals.
    I can well understand your being impressed with Nathan Winograd and I saw him for the first time here in New Zealand when we launched our ‘Saving Lives’ campaign which, as you will have gathered, is very much based on his ideology. Our launch at the Royal New Zealand SPCA conference on 1st May was a huge success and we have a lot of very positive feedback from our centres already.
    Thank you for your kind comments regarding Saving Lives, and yes, please feel free to use it as you wish … we are all in the same business of saving lives !”
    Tell us if you think that RSPCA Australia are on the same train?

  2. Diana S July 31, 2010 / 7:01 pm

    Thank God for Nathan Winograd. It’s now being proved that rehomable dogs and cats don’t have to die in pounds and shelters, so why are you doing nothing about it AWL and RSPCA?? (AWL QLD excluded). Congrats. AWL QLD for showing true leadership and a need to help the animals when your collegues simply can’t be bothered.

  3. A Piggin August 7, 2010 / 8:00 am

    I’m curious of this amazing work of the RNZSPCA….considering they are at this very moment working hard to close down one of the only SPCA’s in NZ to have a no kill policy for the last 18 years. Not only are they working hard to destroy all of the hard work of the volunteers of the Te Awamutu SPCA, they are trying to use the shelter manager as a scape goat. They had several dogs destroyed under this new no kill policy, dogs that had been vet checked, desexed and where appropriate microchipped. One of the dogs had been rehomed and was waiting to be picked up, when they decided to have the dog destroyed. Tell me, is this really the work of a wondeful organisation. I think not.

    The only thing that this no kill policy is going to achieve is that the blood will not be on the hands of the SPCA, they will assign the dog over to the local dog control officer, where they will decide whether the dog should live or not, therefore when they decide to destroy the animial…is was not the work of the SPCA.

    The RNZSPCA has become nothing more than another money hungry charity so the big wigs can keep their fat salaries.

  4. issey August 7, 2010 / 3:49 pm

    what a joke Dianna animals will sttil be dying spcas will be sending them to the pound for distruction this is all ready happening in nz

  5. ozzie August 7, 2010 / 8:37 pm

    The ONLY animal shelter in New Zealand to have a NO KILL POLICY is or ‘was’ the TeAwamutu animal shelter. Bob Kerriidge and his ‘cohorts’ from Auckland have disapproved for years. Then they had a brain wave..’WE CAN LOOK GOOD BY NOT KILLING ANY ANIMALS, IF WE HAND THEM OVER TO THE COUNCIL POUNDS FOR THEM TO DO IT’…
    ‘CLEVER AYE?’…
    Not only we can save money on the bullets we used? lets go for every animal shelter and claim them…We have never put a cent towards any funding to build them up to successful shellters, ‘we’ have never supplied money to have the animals desexed, vets fees, food, or paid wages to staff..but we can dictate the terms, sack whoever we like, move in, change locks, publish in every main newspaper the name of one of the towns best advocate for animals,slandering her, and ripping apart the foundations of the shelter.. YEAH WE ARE GREAT ALRIGHT…GET A GRIP BOB KERRIDGE, ROBIN CHICKENBURGER, AND ALL YOUR OTHER MATES..

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