Why it pays to read the small print. One big reason why people question the motives of the Dog Breeder’s Association

It always pays to read the “small-print”.  Doesn’t it?

Many ethical dog breeders believe that membership of the ANKC, and the individual State kennel clubs such as Dogs NSW or Vic gives them  a sense of respectability when it comes to standards. Breeders have written to us saying that no Kennel Club member can sell their pups through pet shops, in other words “registered breeders” (registered by the ANKC ) are CLEARLY not contributing to the over-supply problem….. Our  “Strict National Code of Ethics” etc

So how many ethical “registered breeders” know that the ANKC recently and very quietly snuck the following  into their strict  “Code of Ethics”:

ANKC National Code of Ethics of Responsible Dog Ownership

ANKC National Code of Ethics

26. A member shall not:

1 Sell or dispose of a dog to a commercial pet wholesaler or retail pet shop unless they are accredited by the Pet Industry Association of Australia Limited (PIAA).

So what EXACTLY is this “accreditation?

You may have an answer – let us know!

We got this message from a breeder we know:

“It’s not just Dogs NSW, it has been slipped in to the ANKC Code of Ethics which applies to all state body kennel clubs. I asked Dogs Victoria about this last year asking where this came from. I never received a reply. I read in full my monthly gazette and I do not ever recall this slip in ever being advised to members. I am sure many do not even know it is there and I am sure many like me would be horrified.

I am now writing to the ANKC President – Hugh Gent to ask the same question. It infuriates me as an ANKC member.   I do not approve. The only way I can show my dogs is to be a member of ANKC via Dogs Victoria and I will NOT agree to this. I pay for my membership and the body I pay these fees to are NOT representing my views. It is bull***. Accredited by PIAA will be no more than some puppy farmer paying a membership fee or some pet shop who sources from some puppy farmer.

I am furious about this and I will not rest until I get some answers.”

DRP Comment

Well there we go again. The dollar speaks the loudest. Presumably some influential breeder wants to sell through pet shops and ANKC don’t want to lose the membership dollars. Here is an update from the breeder above:

” Also be aware that the recent RSPCA Puppy Farms Discussion paper invitation did go to the ANKC and state bodies for comment. NOT one sent out to members.

Details below – hope this helps and if you get an answer, we would be interested to see.

Action you can take:

Write to Hugh Gent expressing your displeasure at how they are pandering to the pet shop lobby, and ask why the RSPCA discussion paper on Puppy Farms was not distributed to members

President ANKC:   hughgent@bigpond.net.au


3 thoughts on “Why it pays to read the small print. One big reason why people question the motives of the Dog Breeder’s Association

  1. Margaret July 5, 2010 / 7:08 pm

    Here’s the very prompt reply I received from Hugh:

    This is a matter you need to take up with the various States Offices as the policies are determined by them and the ANKC is not allowed to interfere with domestic matters.

    I can tell you that the Dogs NSW policy of allowing members to sell through PIAA accredited pet shops has been in place for at least 10 years.With theRSPCA discussion paper it was also handled through the State bodies so you will have to address the question to the, I would also suggest you ask the RSPCA why they did not adverise the discussion paper to a wider audience.



  2. Lisa Chalk July 8, 2010 / 12:29 pm

    I’d like to correct the record in relation to the promotion of the RSPCA Puppy Farm Discussion Paper. The RSPCA did distribute it far and wide – to groups, individuals, government bodies etc. and asked it to be passed on to people who would be interested. This began in January 2010.

    We also called for feedback through the media and via our website – where the paper still sits. This is a widespread community problem that we need to work together on and we will continue to engage all stakeholders to find a solution that is in the best interests of animals.

  3. Diana S July 31, 2010 / 7:59 pm

    It seems that these days the only place one can buy a dog or cat is from an ethical not-for-profit rescue group where they care about the animals and no money is made from the venture.

    The AWL and RSPCA still have a vested interest in being inundated with animals because they have staff to pay. The less amount of animals they have the less jobs there will be available and the last thing these employees want is to lose their jobs. So, at the end of the day they are only looking after themselves and not the animals.

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