Victoria’s draconian new laws to kill dogs…

Goodfordogs website blog has a wellwritten section on the new “dangerous dogs law”. From the website:

“On Wed 5 May 2010, the Victorian Government’s proposed “Dangerous Dogs” Bill was revealed to the public. It’s not expected that the Bill will be debated until the next sitting week (starting Tue 8 June).

While we support efforts to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the incidence of dog attacks, we believe this legislation is severely flawed in several areas. READ MORE HERE


News from Vic:Bureau of Animal Welfare stamping out rescue groups?

This statement was sent to us anonymously regarding the situation in Victoria concerning a strategy of the DPI Bureau of Animal Welfare that is deeply unpopular with those working hard to save lives from pounds and shelters:

“The Bureau of Animal Welfare recently issued Bulletin 43 which includes this below:

 ‘Definition of animal shelters and the operation of rescue shelters READ MORE HERE

News from Vic: Allegations the Lost Dog’s Home is unnecessarily putting dogs down

Radio interview Radio MTV 1377; Thursday August 5 2010

Luke Grant talks to Kae Norman from Rescued with Love regarding her allegations that the Lost Dog’s Home is unnecessarily putting dogs down. Dr Graeme Smith – Managing Director of the Lost Dogs Home responds t0 Kae’s allegations.

To listen to this radio broadcast, listen here..

Is ‘temperament testing’ killing animals that could be rehomed?

Article, Nathan Winograd: ‘Temperament testing in the age of no-kill’

“In the past, shelter administrators openly killed for reasons like lack of space, antithesis to certain breeds, because the cats were feral, because of (highly treatable) illnesses like upper respiratory infection and kennel cough, or because there were too many black dogs in the shelter.

Today’s savvy shelter director would never be so blatant, so unapologetic for the slaughter.

Don’t be fooled: read more here…