News from Victoria:Puppy Farm Awareness Day, Melbourne, 19th September

Puppy Farm Awareness Day is designed to raise awareness of puppy farming in Australia. Many people are unaware that this cruel industry is alive and well in this country and each year hundreds are duped into paying, sometimes thousands of dollars for an unhealthy farmed pup.

  Puppy Farm Awareness Day Rally

Sunday September 19th – 12pm
Parliament House, Melbourne.
Guest Speakers include
Derryn Hinch
Moira Rayner
Now is your chance to be a voice for the dogs imprisoned in Victoria’s puppy factories. Help send a strong message to the State’s political leaders that we will not tolerate the factory farming of our companion animals.
Join us on the steps of Parliament House and stand up for all the dogs on puppy factories and support Oscars Law.

Actions you can take:

Go along and support the event! Tell everyone about it!

Oscar's Law

3 thoughts on “News from Victoria:Puppy Farm Awareness Day, Melbourne, 19th September

  1. Carmel Atkinson August 10, 2010 / 3:48 pm

    At last something may be done regarding this vile trade in animal flesh.How the population of Australia can tolerate such happenings can only be put down to the fact that they do not realise it happens.
    During June I wrote to my local Liberal member Greg Hunt who passed it on to the Attorney-General Robert McClelland MP.Of course I have not heard since.The pollies are arrogantly unaware of the number of their constituants who are passionate about animal welfare.Lets give em a shove!!!!
    yours sincerely Carmel

  2. Jane Duckworth September 19, 2010 / 11:27 pm

    I attended the Puppy Farm Awareness Day Rally in the city of Melbourne today. We were blown away by the tremendous crowd and their passionate support for the campaign. Hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages, many with doggy companions, waved placards and listened to the speakers with huge enthusiasm. There was coverage on most if not all major Melbourne television stations with more to come during the week eg The Seven O’clock Project.
    I think this rally has finally pushed the issue of puppy farming into the eye of the mainstream. Well done to all the protesters who made the effort!

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