How to initiate change at your local Council pound

10 strategies for change at your local Council pound – an action list you can use.

If you are a volunteer worker or rescue volunteer at a Council Pound and are concerned about circumstances there, here are some practical things you can do.

The scenario across the numerous Council Pounds around our country will be extremely varied.

Some are facilities with caring management and staff, who do their best for the animals whilst in their care i.e. they provide adequate food, clean water, warm or cool kennels (depending on the time of year), a high standard of kennel or cage hygiene, good programs of environmental enrichment for the animals (including adequate walking and exercise regimes for dogs), and play areas for cats.

These more responsible Council pounds will also have motivated volunteers working there to provide services that assist staff to keep the standards high, and the animals healthy and as happy as they can be under pound conditions. They almost certainly have good relationships with local Rescue groups and the community, which results in high numbers of animals reunited with their owners, or re-homed into new families.

Poorly run facilities

 Sadly the opposite can also be the case.

 At poorly run facilities, you will find:

  • Animals crowded and stressed
  • Poor hygiene regimes, resulting in high numbers of sick animals
  • Unmotivated staff, who have poor relationships with volunteers and the community
  • Little in the way of environmental enrichment  and exercise for the animals
  • Cruel and stressful treatment of animals
  • Poor or no relationships with local rescue groups
  • Poor procedures, or non-existent for rehoming strategies for animals in their care – and, consequently, a very high number of animals killed by the facility

DRP comment:

We get an increasing number of people contacting us for advice on how to get change happening in their local Council Pound. We hope this “self help” document will give you some guidance. Let us know if you use this and the results you get! Othes are going through the same process, so you are not alone!

Actions you can take:

If you believe you are witnessing unacceptable conditions or practices at your local Council Pound, here is what you should do:  

Download the article here……….


One thought on “How to initiate change at your local Council pound

  1. Pamela Williamson August 12, 2010 / 2:57 pm

    I have had alittle success by writing letters to the local papers
    raising awareness of the decrepit state of the pound.
    Hence the Mayor has allowed for a small amount in their 2010/
    2011 budget for some upgrading and featured some news of
    how well they look after “man’s best friend” in our regular update
    community news..
    It has been a great help having an animal lover as local M.P.
    who has also written some wonderful letters on behalf of
    our animal friends.

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