News from NSW:What results from the NSW Code of Practice for Pet Shops?

The NSW Code of Practice for Pet Shops was introduced in August 2008 to much fanfare by the NSW DPI.

We are all asking: so what are the results of the COP? How has it benefitted aninimals in pet shops?

NSW Independent Minister Clover Moore asked the Minister for Primary Industries a set of questions in NSW Parliament recently. We have taken these questions and his answers from the Hansard records of the discussion and summarised them into an easy to read table. You can form your own conclusions of the usefulness of the COP…….

Download the document here.

In addition we provide another documents those of you keen to challenge pet shop practices will find useful. This document provides key areas to look for in pet stores in-order to identify contraventions of the Code.

DRP areas to check up on pet shops.

DRP comment:

We suppose that when groups who have a vested interest in keeping things as they are give advice to government, then any new COP is going to stay watered down and weak. What are your thoughts on the Code of Practice? What pet shop horrors have you seen recently?

Actions you can take:

Please use the “DRP areas to check up on pet shops” document as a guide. Please copy this to others.


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