RSPCA Close Puppy Factories campaign

 If you’ve somehow missed this………..

“The RSPCA has launched the public education component of our campaign to address the puppy farm problem in Australia. A new website has been launched and can be found at 

The website aims to educate people about the issue and guide them on the safest approach to purchasing a new dog. Through the website people can sign the ‘close puppy factories pledge’ or take the extra step of contacting their political representatives and local councils. The website is being advertised extensively online, including on websites that sell companion animals.

 The Close Puppy Factories campaign is the prelude to some other public activities the RSPCA will be undertaking in the lead up to a number of elections this year.

 Thank you for your interest in animal welfare.

 DRP Comment:

We are supporting this campaign wholeheartedly. It’s a fantastic step forward. We attended the RSPCA Vic seminar in Melbourne on July 21. It was heartening to see that RSPCA have amassed much solid information on the reasons why puppy farms must be closed down. PIAA  (who were at the seminar) are still touting the line that “pet shops only sell animals from reputable breeders”. They are also going to try to create a distinction between “bad” puppy farms  and “good” puppy farms ( who they want to be able to supply their pet shops. Lets make sure we don’t let them get away with that.

Actions you can take:

Please support the RSPCA campaign – go to the website and pledge your support. Spread the word!

One thought on “RSPCA Close Puppy Factories campaign

  1. Ahinsa Gunatilaka August 7, 2010 / 4:37 pm

    Close puppy factories!!!!!!!!!!

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