News from the US – No Kill Conference Washington 2010

No Kill Conference 2010 brought hundreds of animal lovers from 39 states and four countries to the George Washington School of Law in Washington D.C. where the most successful shelter directors, animal lawyers, and shelter reformers nationwide shared insights and strategies to end the systematic killing of animals in our nations pounds and shelters. The attendees heard from directors of open admission shelters with save rates between 92% and 96%. They heard from lawyers who have passed laws making it illegal for shelters to kill animals in a wide variety of contexts and who have successfully saved the lives of animals who shelters were determined to kill. And they heard from reformers who have succeeded in passing laws to end the needless killing of animals in their community. Nathan J. Winograd, No Kill Advocacy Center director, delivered the keynote:

 “This conference is about the future. What it can hold if we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to building the infrastructure necessary to create and sustain a No Kill nation. To do that, we must demand the immediate implementation of the model that has ended the killing in communities across the nation so we can end the killing right now, today—the No Kill Equation. And then we must institutionalize that model to end the killing forever….”

To read the full keynote speech,  go here….

enews_3.2 _NoKIll 2010_keynote

DRP Comment:

Nathan Winograd’s words are always worth hearing. This keynote speech is a really important address that no one interested in stopping the killing should miss. What is important for us here in Australia is that there is ample evidence that the No Kill movement does work – it takes the right leadership and well proven strategies. There are people here in animal welfare who say that they don’t believe in in the No Kill movement, and that it doest work. How can they say that when it clearly does work or vcan be made to work.

Actions you can take: write to your local Animal Welfare Charity and ask them the question ” Are you adopting the No Kill Equation; if not why not?

Note that there are many private shelters who say that they are No Kill; this is fine, but it’s really only “open admission” pounds or shelters who can make this claim. When private shelters can select from Pounds the animals they know they can rehome, it’s not really a fair comparison with Pounds and Shelters that HAVE to take every animals that comes their way.

Did you see the blog update on the Royal NZ SPCA “Saving Lives” strategy?

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