Some small steps and BIG wins…

We often get little notes from people who let us know what they are doing. Here are a couple that made us smile, and happy:

“I am getting magnetic labels made up for my car, which has your web address and also says “How We Can Help” :)

I thought my vehicle would grab more attention than a few flyers that end up in the bin.

 Also while heading towards a pet shop in Sydney, I spotted a lady continuously looking around the glass cages and overheard her say “They’re all the same”.

As she left, I walked towards her, and said “Excuse me, would you like one of these” (the flyer). She replied “Yes please” (in a soft voice).

It gave me such a great feeling as I walked on; hopefully she will spread the word.”

Thank you K!


“Those video’s horrified me to the core that this happens in Australia so l apologize that l had an emotional breakdown and vented to you. l would like to thank you.  l have sent all my family and friends information and your website and the Oscar’s law website to speak up and stop this happening, as well as adding information to my facebook page .

You have also inspired me to adopt a dog from our local animal shelter this weekend rather than looking to purchase one through the newspaper or from a pet store and l will educate others to not buy animals from pet stores anymore.”

Good on you  J!

One thought on “Some small steps and BIG wins…

  1. Harman Bajaj October 6, 2010 / 8:50 pm

    hello,i am from India i am very happy to see ur blog and also ur blog success keep it up…….

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