The PAW Project public event

From the PAWProject:

“To fellow animal lovers,

The current situation for Australian animals in Pounds is a mess. The predictable future for these pets is extremely poor. The PAW Project was created to abolish cruel practices and killing via awareness. People power has a great impact on industries and governments.

 The PAW Project will be holding a public event in Melbourne at 2pm on November 14th. The site is donated by the City Of Melbourne council.

The companion animal situation is a national issue and all Australians need to be aware of what is really happening. (Note: simultaneous rallies are taking place in Perth and Adelaide – see website)The Australian people are the solution. I invite you in SA, TAS, NSW, WA and QLD to hold The PAW Project event in your city at 2pm on November 14th. The media exposure will be fantastic.

 I have been able to create this event without funds. It includes less than 1000 people to form the shape of a paw. The media will photograph the paw and it will be in the newspaper the next day. The target community is the non-converted public, people who attend on the day and people who read the paper. The PAW Project has an agent, Sarah Pearce who manages and owns MMAPP. She will be doing the national and international media releases in two weeks. She has contacts at the Huffington Post and will be using her friends Shane & Sia Barbi to promote this in the USA media.

 Each and every one of you has an aim to save the lives of companion animals and to reduce their suffering. Imagine if you could do that and promote your organisation, legislation or fundraise for your next adventure – all in one hour. All it takes is a phone call, a few emails and to fill out the local councils Event Plan. This is the only work that is needed so you can be provided with free space to hold The PAW Project event in your state.

 In Melbourne, there will be a speaker from a rescue organisation and a local celebrity that will talk for 10 minutes. The formation will then be formed and the photography will occur. It’s simple, but effective. If this campaign became national, the impact on the pet industry and companion animals would be massive.

Please consider to hold The PAW Project event in your state. I only ask that you form the shape of a paw on 2pm on November 14th so we re in unison, for greater media coverage. Other than that you can turn the event into a promotion for your organisation or legislation. Your state event will be advertised via the web page and facebook and will be incorporated into the national and international media releases.”

 Mia McKenzie x  (]

facebook @ The PAW Project

See these media articles:



















DRP Comment: and actions you can take

This is a fantastic event designed to get the message out to the public. Please support it. If you want to help in any way, please contact Mia on (].
Copy the PAW logo and show it around!
 Attend the PAW Project Event in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on November 14th at 2.00pm




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