Not every dog has his day

It’s not our practice to advertise products on this blog, but this book is very relevant to the subject of the treatment of dogs in Australia today.

Author Jane Duckworth has undertaken a massive amount of research to cover the doggy- subjects in the book. The range is huge.

This sentence in the intro chapter caught my attention:

” Entering into dog ownership is a considerable decision to make. When buying a dog people often think more about their own enjoyment than considering aspects of the animal’s welfare. When the relationship between dog and owner then proves unsatisfactory many of the dogs will be discarded in one way or another” …….and

“There are vast numbers of dogs received at pounds and animal shelters each year………these statistics are also a reflection of the Australian community’s attitudes towards dogs and their ownership”.

Having done all this research and written a very readable and engaging book, Jane would be one of the most knowledgeable people on dogs in the country.

Having said that, I felt the book is really 2 books in one. Part of the book is quite basic (….but very useful to first-timers to dogs, eg ‘the benefits of dogs’) and experienced dog owners will probably gloss over the intro chapters. However, the remainder contains detailed and structured information that even life-long owners of dogs will find interesting and useful.

It is a book that anyone owning a dog as  a pet should own. Organisations such as Pounds, Shelters, Rescue groups, animal lobby and advocacy groups , government departments, DPI Ministers, and national and private charities amongst others should have at least one copy on their shelves.

There is masses of readable interesting information.

I won’t detail every chapter, but the chapters on:

  • Greyhounds ( Running for their lives:Greyhound racing): Greyhound wastage: Thousands of greyhounds are disposed of by the racing industry each year in Australia” (Greyhound Action Australia)” and
  • Dingoes and feral dogs (why Australian Dingoes are in danger of extinction)
  • Why American Pitt Bulls are targetted by authorities
  • How dog control legislation has evolved in Australia

are standouts for me.

Each chapter has a “what you can do summary” and each chapter is well referenced to its sources. There are summaries and contact addresses for very many of the organisations and sources of information that are involved in animal welfare and rescue.

All in all the book is a very valuable resource. Buy it soon!

Order your book direct from the author at and the website is:

Note: Deathrowpets does not recieve any financial benefits from recommending this book.


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