Will cat decline threaten vet jobs?

“A sharp decline in the Australian domestic cat population may lead to the loss of up to 300 positions for veterinarians, according to experts.”

We came across this veterinary Magazine article that you might be interested to read. It’s a few years old now, but it shows the thinking of some “leading vets”.

 As Dr Seksel ( who today heads up various government advisory bodies) says :

 If we are interested in having vets in the future, we need cats and dogs out there,”……

  Read more here…Will_cat_decline_threaten_vet_jobs 

 DRP Comment:

 Is this why the AVA has been such a “reluctant partner” in any initiatives to create meaningful change and a slowing down of animal numbers in the market? You have to ask the question.

At the end of the day, any industry association is acting for its members – not the animals. It’s the same with the pet industry association PIAA.

It’s totally naive to believe that they would do anything to impact upon jobs and industry growth – yet these are the very groups who the policy makers rely on for advice on “animal welfare”!.

All these groups with vested interests have managed to get themselves onto the various state and national animal welfare advisory bodies that the governements rely on. No wonder animal welfare legislation in Australia is so weak.

We have got to get groups with NO VESTED INTERESTS onto these advisory bodies.

 Are you a vet? Please comment on this! We want to hear from you.

Note: we are not having a go at vets with this piece – most vets are too busy to know what is going on with the politics of the AVA and most likely be dissapointed at how little the AVA have done with this issue.


One thought on “Will cat decline threaten vet jobs?

  1. Carmel Atkinson November 18, 2010 / 11:21 am

    I have been aware for some time that the AVA are only concerned with the financial aspect of veterinary care.
    In my opinion there may thankfully be fewer cats,my favourite animal,but the ones that are pets would be much treasured and therefore utterly pandered to much as the Egyptians revered their cats.I could imagine no expense would be spared to attend the animals needs.The fewer the pets the more money is lavished upon them just as children of today are pandered to unlike the large families of yesterday who suffered as the more there are the lesas there is to share.This would also apply to dogs.

    Please keep up your great work

    Regards Carmel

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