News from No Kill in the US – Codifying ‘No Kill’

The No Kill movement in the US believes that the next step needs to be to enshrine No Kill practices into law:

“The programs and services of the No Kill Equation are the only proven formula for ending the killing in U.S. This model has created No Kill communities from California to New York and in communities as diverse as Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, and elsewhere.  

But tragically for the animals, too many shelters continue to kill animals needlessly by refusing to implement the No Kill Equation. In order to overcome this resistance and achieve a No Kill nation, we must move past a system where the lives of animals are subject to the discretion and whims of shelter leaders or health department bureaucrats. Currently, No Kill is succeeding in those communities with individual shelter leaders who are committed to achieving it and to running shelters consistent with the programs and services which make it possible.  Unfortunately, such leaders are still few and far between.

Traditional sheltering, by contrast, is institutionalized. In a shelter reliant on killing, directors can come and go and the shelter keeps killing and local government keeps ignoring that failure.  By contrast, the success of an organization’s No Kill policies depends on the commitment and vision of its leader. When that leader leaves the organization, the vision can quickly be  doomed. It is why an SPCA can be progressive one day, and moving in the opposite direction the next. 

For No Kill success to be widespread and long lasting, we must move past the personalities and focus on institutionalizing No Kill by giving shelter animals the rights and protections afforded by law.” 


Codifying_NoKill_enews_3.1 _2010

DRP Comment:

This article makes a lot of sense. If a Pound or Shelter is 100% dependent on its leader or management for developing excellent practices, that is not enough. What happens if they leave?

It’s an absolute fallacy when Councils or Charities say “people (only)  work there because they love animals”. Whilst there are are certainly many animal loving and caring people who do choose to work in such facilities, we know that is not true in all cases – many work there becaue they need a job. Many should NOT be working in an animal care facility. We know that unions and senior Council management protect many of these people. It’s not about the animals at all in some cases. There needs to be laws, as No Kill suggests, to protect the animals.

More and more legal people are becoming involved in animal welfare – it’s terrific to see. If you are  a legal person, please let us know your thoughts.

If you know of people who should not be working in anmal care facilities -write and let us know.

If you have views on how the law should be used to protect the animals in Shelters and Pounds, please let us know your thoughts!


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