News from Victoria – the Dog Rescue Association of Victoria

Individual Rescue Groups in Victoria have come together to create what is hoped to be a powerful alliance of Rescue Groups that will work collectively to create greater voice for the animal rescue community in a State that is dogged by outdated and redundent “animal welfare” legislation.

DRAV is:

Committed to rescuing animals from Victorian pounds and rehoming the dogs and cats thus sourced;
Protecting and maintaining the rules of DRAV to maintain a high standing in the community;
Lobbying as necessary to improve the standing of members of DRAV within the community and government;
Promoting responsible pet ownership, educating, encouraging and working together with the community as a whole to Embrace a caring and responsible attitude towards animal welfare;
Supporting a network of animal rescue groups, foster carers and volunteers.

DRP Comment:

This is a fantastic new initiative that will create a better balance to the arguments of the groups with vested interests that currently influence government policies. We wish DRAV every success and hope that this acts as a catalyst for an identical Association in each State.

Actions you can take: Please take action to support this initiative

Go here to get a list of actions requested by DRAV and read letter below from one of the member groups.

Tell us if you think that there should be a similar Rescue Association in each State?

Request for help from Rescued with Love:

16 November 2010

 Dear Friends,

We know with the elections in such a short time there are many weighty issues to be considered.   To many people the fate of vulnerable animals on death row in Victorian pounds is quite irrelevant.  

We believe, however, that how we treat the defenceless and vulnerable in our society is an indication of our core values as a community.   We appeal to those who believe this.

The Government is preparing new legislation which we believe will shut down rescue groups that run foster care programs.  Why?   Perhaps because we are a fairly new form of rescue and we don’t fit neatly into the existing structure and some people just don’t like change.

Rescued With Love Inc. and its fellow members of the Dog Rescue Association of Victorian Inc. are community based rescue groups that save animals from pounds, place them in foster care, and rehome them in the community.

We are nearly all volunteers and dedicate our time, and often our money, to saving lives of animals that would otherwise die.  We are incorporated, have Charity status and donations to us are tax deductible.  We were awarded the Victorian Organization of the Year.   We operate under very strict rules and stringent rehoming policies.    

We  save companion animals and are involved in the community at a local level – as it used to be – before the government declared it best practice to close down local pounds and created the super pounds.  An article in the Age stated that more than 70 per cent of unclaimed dogs and a higher percentage of unclaimed cats are killed every year in the Lost Dogs Home.  Was this a good decision of the government?  We operate on a very small scale comparatively but are not involved in killing animals.

A Bulletin sent to local councils by the Bureau of Animal Welfare is already being interpreted by Councils as meaning they cannot release to us.  Because the current legislation lacks clarity we are already often refused the right to save animals from the pound, especially those that are most vulnerable such as puppies, seniors, and those who need treatment.

Please join us in asking that the legislation be changed so is clear we have the right to rescue animals; not, as we believe is intended, that it be made more difficult to save animals.   

Ask that the Bureau of Animal Welfare be proactive in advising councils and pounds that we have the right to rescue any animal that would otherwise be killed; not as is currently the reverse.

Ask why only the largest shelters such as the RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home and Cat Protection Society are represented on AWAC (Animal Welfare Advisory Committee).  Where is the voice for those involved in animal welfare at the community level?

Why has the government lost sight of the simple equation that animal welfare is to care for the welfare of animals not dispose of them?

We know you are busy people but please remember that all it takes for wrongs to continue is for good people to say and do nothing.  All you need say in your email or letter is please support the rescue groups not penalise them.   Further information is available on our association’s website or go to the facebook page through the link on the home page of the website.

Please support us and the defenceless animals we seek to save by emailing, writing or telephoning to your local politicians and to the people below.  Please pass on this email to anyone who loves animals and wants to see them saved from death row.

 Mr Ted Baillieu, Premier

325 Camberwell Road, Camberwell 3124; E: +

 Hon Peter Walsh MP,Minister for Agriculture and Food Security , 274 Campbell Street, Swan Hill 3585

03) 5032 3154

We, and the animals,ask for your support.

Kae Norman, President, Rescued With Love Inc.

2 thoughts on “News from Victoria – the Dog Rescue Association of Victoria

  1. Lynn Jenkin November 16, 2010 / 5:13 pm

    The govt do not care about the welfare of animals. If they did puppy farms would have been closed down years ago. The govt is not looking at the big picture. Instead of wanting to stop Rescue Associations, who I might add do a fantastic job, they need to look at the breeding side of it. If thousands of dogs were not bred in the first place you would not have over crowded conditions in animal welfare shelters. Thousands of dogs/puppies/cats/kittens are euthanised each year. Its a damn disgrace. Come on all you Politicians get off your butts and do something about the over breeding of these poor defenseless animals. Leave the Rescue Associations alone. I cannot understand why the Councils are not doing something about the puppy farms in their areas. Abolish selling pets in pet shops. Its the shops that are selling pets that come from puppy farms.

  2. sophie November 21, 2010 / 11:43 am

    I agree Lynn,

    I have heard from other dog walkers that there is a politician who actually owns a puppy mill so already there is our first problem. Rescue places get far too little funding from Govt and are way too conservative.

    How can you stop pet shops selling pets if its our very local govts who are supposed to regulate them and the shops actually meet “their” standards…..(unfortunately its a business after all and they most likely may support a business over a pet that needs resucing…) business bring in money!!!!! There needs to be more education..more media attention. what about these pet rescue places posting something around bus stops….or woking together with local Govt to go around schools and talk about these issues….

    I Think it would be a great idea if everyone ie rescue places, govt, RSPCA etc got together and worked on the idea of needing to sit for a test first before owning a pet and if they pass they can get a licence to obtain a pet from a rescue place.. I too would love a second dog and would happily have it sleep in doors and keep my little darling company however some local councils have restrictions on the number of pets you can have. In this situation i am unable to foster due to beauracracy. I do however donate whenever possible.

    Its a tough one.

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