Pets Paradise wants to help shelters and rescue groups!

If this isn’t one of the biggest acts of hypocracy and consumer lies, we don’t know what is. Read this letter from the Pets Paradise marketing person:

“Thank you for your email. For over five years Pets Paradise has been running the Christmas Gift Tree Appeal in an effort to help raise much needed suppliers for various animal shelters and refuges across the country. In doing so we have donated thousands of dollars in goods on behalf of our customers to worthy organisations such a The Lost Dogs Home and the Animal Welfare League which have been received with much appreciation. This year, in an effort to support smaller, more local-based organisations we gave each Store Manager the task of contacting shelters in October for them to pre-approve the receiving of the goods from that particular store.

 Currently we are in the process of gaining a full list of nominated charities from each store. If we find there have been Store Managers that did not follow protocol by getting the donation acceptance approved back in October as we stipulated we will be taking action to rectify this immediately.  

 Once we have the full list we can certainly make this available to you as we want to be as transparent as possible. The aim of our Christmas Gift Tree is to give customers an avenue to be able to donate much needed goods to animal shelters and charities in need. We of course understand that there are organisations whom would prefer not to accept the goods but our aim is to offer the support to the ones that will.

 This is the first time we have left the responsibility to Store Managers to gain the pre-approvals from charities as usually we do this on a national level from head office. The aim of changing this process was so we could offer more local-based charities that are largely unfunded a chance to receive the goods. When we checked back in November we were told by stores that this had been done. After your email we have now launched a full audit of this process and the pre-approvals to ensure protocol was followed.”

Laura Riley, Marketing Assistant, Paradise Retail Holdings

DRP Comment:

The sad thing is that many of the unsuspecting public will be taken in by this show of goodwill and spirit towards the animals in pounds and shelters

Read this also…… to read the reaction of the RSPCA and others

Actions you can take:

Tell ms Riley and Pets Paradise what you really think… email above.

2 thoughts on “Pets Paradise wants to help shelters and rescue groups!

  1. Annie Gr January 5, 2011 / 1:03 pm

    I have been in contact with PP over this issue since 17th December. The marketing MANAGER is Nicole Chapman.

    I have also complained to the ACCC and encourage both shelters named and the general public to do so.

  2. Christena September 15, 2014 / 3:47 pm

    Appreciate this post. Will tryy it out.

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